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More commenting options for mod authors


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Just adding my two bits about the formatting of the comment topic and discussions.


Do you guys agree that it would be more efficient to have the comments laid out in an oldest first fashion, like most forums do, instead of newest first? That way, once a comment is posted, it's location within the topic is forever set. One of the most frustrating things about the current layout is that if, say, a comment was posted that you wanted to keep tabs on for an answer. If you come back tomorrow and the topic now has 100 pages, your comment will be very hard to find.


However, if there's an oldest first layout, not only does that promote natural reading order, you can go right to the spot the post was at before. because its page number would have stayed the same.

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In response to post #7715138.

For a mod author, Newest-Oldest is definitely the far more practical than Oldest-Newest. When checking your comment section, you want to see the new posts right away, not having to go to the latest page to see them. Besides, replies to posts bumps the post, so it would still move to the end/start.

If you want Oldest-Newest, use the forum; you can have that there. ;)
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So, this is probably not the right place, but in the future could a possible feature be to hide translated mods? I know I like to come and look at the Latest Mods page once a week and I hate having to go through pages of "XXXX Spanish Translation" for dozens of mods. Could we get an option to hide them?
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Why don't you guys just give modders the ability to delete comments from the comment section. I have seen mods where there is a blitz of just bad, non-constructive comments that serve no other purpose than to drive away potential users.


We take the time to make the mod and set up the page for it but we can't be trusted to moderate our own comment section? At least give us an ability to clear the comment section, I have at least one mod where I have had to disable the comment section completely because of a blitz of bad comments.


I rely on the comment section for feedback but these were comments that just trashed talked the mod and offered no suggestions on how to improve it. Then there are the comments that try to bully modders into doing something that go something like this: "If it had -blank- I would download it and endorse it", like this somehow entices modders to work their balls off to satisfy one person.


The comment section is so simple and easy to use, does it make more sense to add a few moderation options to it?


Also +1 to oldest post first format! It would be a big help to people trying to troubleshoot a mod.

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In response to post #7770287.

because people would just delete any negative comments, constructive or not, so that their mod looks perfect
then other users come and download it after checking the comments, to find its full of bugs, and would have known that if comment deletion wasnt enabled for mod authors...
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