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More commenting options for mod authors


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For some reason discussion posts can not be deleted, even by people who made them. On the other hand, comments can be deleted. Why the difference ?


I'd like to re enable comments for my mod, because of the problem with deleting, but there seems to be no way to do it.


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In response to post #7792267.

Thanks. But poster can't delete his/her own message. I am not talking about the topis/thread, but single post. That is inconvenient. So, I deleted the mod and uploaded it as new with classic style comments.

We had a conversation earlier about allowing person who endorsed a mod to recommend some more, similar. Like IMDB. You said something about background coding. I happen to be software developer myself, if you are interested, I can PM you how I think it might be implemented.
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In response to post #7772106. #7772780, #7784980, #7792049 are all replies on the same post.

Quote by vipermkii: "I certainly don't go diving into the comment section of every mod I try before I try it"

^ Now that is some seriously BAD advice if I ever heard one. I now make it a rule to check the comments section EVERYTIME before I think of installing a mod.

Having been burned once by not doing that, I have learned my lesson. I once installed a mod which had many comments about it breaking after a few weeks after installation, and then corrupting the save game and being unable to uninstall it. I didn't bother reading the comments section when I installed it and I now regret it, especially when many users had reported the same issue over and over again.

If you think I'm making this up, the mod in question was "Mark Books as Read", and the author ended up ignoring pleas for help and then disabled the mod page entirely, leaving users afflicted with the problem completely out of luck. If you want to know how this horror story happened, you can still read the comments here:


As for "incapable" people not being able to install mods correctly, that's even a more important reason why leaving these comment intact is crucial. I've seen other commentators jump in to help them out if the issue is a straightforward one, and the instructions left behind also help other "incapable" people who may have similar difficulties.
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In response to post #7772106. #7772780, #7784980, #7792049, #7829471 are all replies on the same post.

I dont't know. I kind of like the idea of becoming a personal dictator for all my mods and deleting anything bad everyone says, so that I may be lifted onto an everlasting pedestal as I rule the lands of the comments section with an iron fist.
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Why do folks trying out a mod not use the BUGs tab to let the author know about problems encountered instead of throwing everything at the single Posts tab??? I wish modders would be able to move those comments over to Bugs and out of Posts. I suppose using Discussions, you can set up Comments and Troubleshooting discussions and try to separate things out. However, to get people used to that, modders would probably have to not open up the Posts tab at all.


Myself I always check out Posts before installing a new mod. That is where the problems show up to let me know if I want to use the mod. However, from the modders POV, it would be preferable just to have a comments section where general discussion of the mod could occur rather than bogging down a single topic with problems that may or may not be real. For extremely popular mods, must be a modder's nightmare to keep up with things showing up in one topic area.

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Years ago I couldn't speak English, when I came to Nexus, I always downloaded mods without checking comment section. (I even ignored comment and discussion sections.) What I noticed at most were endorsements and downloads in each mod page.

Nexus in my first impression was a very awesome place like a heaven because you could always download tons of free masterpieces, most mod authors were willing to give you their permission to modify even upload their works, and most people looked nice. In addition, if you decided to become a mod author, you would get an absolute reverence from almost ALL people in the community (even if what you made was not technically profund, even if your mod was not for them), after all all you offered were FREE.

Since I uploaded some mods and then attracted those who considered themselves as "elder modders" "elder players" to directed me the right and wrong and also many weird people who just left a short and rage scolding, I started to think this site a place gathered tons of dumb asses who would force many enthusiastic mod authors away. A very basic question in my mind: Have you paid? What makes you criticize me? Because you're a mod author, too?

We all notice that recently there are a lot of new sites like Patreon (despite I don't like its paid feature) and indeed more and more people set these sites as their new base. Let's see who the next winner is.

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