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Does Vortex modify game files?


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I know this might sound like a stupid question I haven't been able to find a straight answer but does Vortex modify game files? or is it done virtually? 


For example do I have to reinstall fallout 4 with a clean install when I decide to uninstall a mod? 


Sorry still learning how to mod. 




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vortex is a mod manager. that means you can use it to apply mods to a game.

depending on the game you are modding, there may be some ini files that need to be altered but its specific to the game.

aside from ini file settings, vortex does not modify any other game files for the games i use it for.



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In most cases, if Vortex needs to directly modify a game file, it will back up the original file before making a copy with the required edits. 



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To the OP's actual question.  Vortex installs mods via "hard Links".  What you see in the data folder are not the actual mods.  They reside in the Vortex staging folder.  So, if you uninstall or disable a mod in Vortex, the hard link is removed.  So, no.  You don't need to reinstall FO4 if you uninstall a mod, if Vortex installs a mod with the same name as vanilla game file. 

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