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Mod Acronyms...WTF?

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Ok let's pretend like I'm a total Noob for a sec, in fact lets not pretend. I'm seeing all kinds of Acronyms for mods terminology that I have no clue what it means, and I can't be the only one because that would be statistically illogical. Now I've been typing all kinds of Acronyms into the respective nexus search engines only to come up with mods that use the acronym in the description of their own mod with out telling what the Acronym stands for. Now this bugs the hell out of me, that's like explaining to a child how the inner working of a government and assuming he/she knows what all the technical terminology means... and assuming is bad. So Here's a list of a few common Acronyms I found in my wnadering of the nexus' and I thought I'd share them with you. I'll be checking back regularly and updating the OP (original post) *<--- see? that was easy right?* to match anyone who feels obliged to help others around them to better understand the wonder that is the NEXUS network. Also if you have an Acronym YOU'RE confused on put it in a reply and I'll put in in the OP to see if anyone else knows.

CBBE : Caliente's Bigger Bottoms Edition (female body mod) *skyrim*

CHSBHC : Cherry Hotling's Super Busty H Cup (female body mod) *skyrim*

UNP : ??? (body mod) *skyrim*

LOTR : Lord of the Rings (weapons, body, hair mods) *Mostly Skyrim*

NSFW : No idea *not sure if it has a specific game*

T3 : Type 3 (body mods) *New Vegas*

T6M : type 6 mod (Body mod) *new vegas*

OWB : Old World Blues (add-on) *new vegas*

LR : Lonesome Road (add-on) *new vegas*

HH : Honest Hearts (add-on) *new vegas*

DM : Dead Money (add-on) *new vegas*

NPC : Non Playable Character *any game ever made* ( I would assume anybody would know the meaning of that one but that would make me a hypocrit)

NV : New Vegas *new vegas*

FH : ??? (hair mod) *new vegas*

NMM : Nexus Mod Manager (a Mod orginizer) *All Nexus Games*

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NSFW is not safe for work, usually labeled on adult or mature mods that you wouldnt want your children to see, or boss for that matter



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I had a post in this thread which has vanished, did I do something wrong? Genuine question.

EDIT ignore this, had a convo by PM they're doing some work that may cause it, I wasn't a naughty boy :D

Just wanted to add the various acronyms for the script extenders (FOSE, NVSE, SKSE = Fallout/New Vegas/Skyrim Script Extender) to the list.

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OBMM=Oblivion Mod Manager

OBSE=Oblivion Script Extender

MWSE=Morrowind Script Extender

MGE=Morrowind Graphics Extender

BOSS=Better Oblivion Sorting Software (but it also has versions for other games, with the same acronym)

MWE=Morrowind Enhanced

UNP=Unpretended female body (Skyrim)

HGEC=HG Eyecandy (the most downloaded female body mod for Oblivion)

BBB=Better Bouncing Breasts (add-on for various body mods)

HD=high definition (it's a term that describes how crisp and realistic game images are, but it has many different uses depending on the circumstances)

HQ=high quality (it's a term similar to HD, but it's used less often and it generally means that it's a change of style rather than an increase in resoution, though there are exceptions)

I'll throw in some other game acronyms...

SSAO=Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (high impact lighting effect that adds subtle shadows to everything on the screen)

HBAO=I forgot what it stands for, but it's like SSAO only higher quality with a bigger framerate hit

LoD=Level of Detail (it's the effect where things in the distance are low detail, and when you walk closer they get more detailed)

Poly=short for polygon (as far as newbies are concerned, it's a term used to describe how smooth and realistic shapes are)

DoF=Depth of Field (it's the graphical effect where part of the screen is made blurry, while the part of the screen you're looking at is still crisp and clear. It simulates depth in games.)

DX9=DirectX9 (software used by video cards. DX9 is older, and can be run on almost any computer)

DX10=DirectX10 (software used by many video cards, it's higher quality and less common than DX9)

DX11=DirectX11 (the newest DirectX version which only newer video cards are capable of using)

AA=Antialiasing (it's a method of smoothing the jagged edges you sometimes see around the edges of game objects)

AF=Anisotropic Filtering (makes images in games much more visually appealing, and it's very easy to run. Most people can use some AF)

I'll also cover a few file types...

.zip=zipped folder, which must be extracted or 'unzipped' before it can be used

.7z=zipped folder which requires a free program called 7zip to open it

.ini=a text document, usually found in My Documents/My Games/"Insert Name of Game Here", which can be edited to change various effects

.rar=similar to a zipped file, and it can be extracted or 'unzipped' using 7zip as well.

.esp=Elder Scrolls Plugin, these always go in your Data folder (or your Data Files folder only if you're modding Morrowind)

.esm=Elder Scrolls Master file, these always go into the same folder as the .esp files

Edit: Actually, maybe this topic should be pinned, unless there's already one like it? There are a lot of things for new modders to learn, and acronyms or abbreviations are just one more layer of difficulty for them that could be easily fixed by a thread like this.

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HBAO is horizon based ambient occlusion, its less optimized and less used in games then SSAO, bigger fps hit lesser results




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ASIS - automatic spells, increased spawns
BSR - Belua Sanguinare Revisited
ACE - (Athyra's ?) Comprehensive Enhancements (it may be one of those recursive unix acronyms)
I see this one everywhere and always keep forgetting:

PISE - Improved Skyrim Experience by Pluto

I think this is great topic. More contributions please!

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Nothing to see here, didn't see one of them that has been answered.

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FNIS - Fore's New Idles in Skyrim

AP- Animated Prostituiton

WIP- Work in Progress




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i just installed some femmale body mod for skyrim and in the readme note inside the file was a lot of those, i dont know what it is pls help me

BBP= ?



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BBP= Breast and Butt Physics

TBBP = tender breast and Butt Physics

HDT = HDT Physics Extension.


Essentially ways of putting 'wobble' into breasts and bottoms, for one, though HDT is a little more than that, 


HDT can also be used to have hair that animates and moves, flowing cloaks, etc.

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