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Mod Acronyms...WTF?


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some texture format based and 3D model stuff used in mod descriptions:


dds - directdraw surface texure

dx9(10, 11 12) also DirectX9 or Direct3D9 including API (Applictaion Programming Interfaces)

DXT1 to 5 - Older Texture Compression Formats supported by dx9

BC(1 to x) block compression - used since dx10

BC7 - it requires dx11, a newer popular high res compression format

nif - netimmerse 3d model file. used also for bethesda gamebryo based 3d models

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Hello, I'm new to this all and wanted to install Mods for the Witcher Enhanced Edition. There I was wondering what the acronym "ENB" is? Can someone tell what this meas, couldn't find any explanation on th site here. Thx in advance


ENBSeries graphic modification for games

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My cure for the wide use of acronyms was solved when my daughter hit middle school, now just gotta run it by her and poof no longer going ???


I still just read it like it was Hermaini Granger (the harry potter girl) before the movie came out, I understood terminology they used but for years just read it as "H" like M from 007. I could speak 3 languages before i learned how to say her name. So I just kinda make it up till I can ask.

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Alas, original poster, I can commiserate. In an attempt to streamline the written and spoken word, we, as a society have FUBARed the language and unbeknownst to us, created an entirely new language in the process. Sometimes, there is confusion when one entity has the same acronym as another. Take the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), for example, which was an Islamic group located in the Southern Philippines that disbanded in 2014.

I understand the need for it though. For instance, in the medical industry, acronyms and abbreviations run rampant with examples such as: SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus), ACTH (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone) or a personal favorite CCM (Cerebral Cavernous Malformation). I don't know what that is but it sounds really bad.

Which brings to mind that sometimes to help decode this new language, you have to consider the context. It may not be obvious with the given examples, but say you're at the dentist's office and you come across the phrase 'certified by the ADA'. First of all, you're at the dentist's office so you may surmise that the 'D' stands for either dentist or dental. If you're clever, you'll notice that the first 'A' precedes the 'D', which you've determined to be either Dentist or Dental. These are nouns. Words that precede nouns are sometimes used to describe them in some manner, so maybe the 'A' stands for Amazing? Nah, probably not. I already know that something in this office has been certified by a mysterious entity known as the ADA. Which is a clue, because living in modern society you're most likely familiar with how certifications and things of that nature are manifested. It's usually by a group of individuals, governmental officials or experts in their field, that gather to determine if your offering makes the cut. Speaking of the government, you'll know that they make the rules so 'American' is a strong possibility for that first 'A'.

Now, for that final 'A'. So far, you have either American Dentist or American Dental preceding the last 'A', so maybe both words are describing this group or rather what sort of grouping this is. Well, there is an assembly, which would fit being that it's sometimes used in association with some sort of legislative body, but it doesn't quite track. Wait a minute... Association!  You figured it out. Lucky you, because I just realized that I'm drawing this out and am now trying to tie this up.

So, you've concluded that the ADA is most likely the American Dentists or Dental Association. This was a relatively easy example and the decoding process may have spanned over two paragraphs in print, taking up a considerable amount of this post author's time and energy to write, but in the scenario would have theoretically transpired in a matter of seconds. Most times though the meanings are obscure and you have to just ask someone.

Personally, I dislike the frivolous usage of acronyms and abbreviations. Like my friend... I'll call him Allan, who gets perturbed whenever anyone addresses him as 'Al'. He always introduces himself as 'Allan' and besides, as he puts it, 'My mother named me Allan. Would it have killed you to enunciate one more syllable?' And I get his point. Sometimes it's just a lazy way to speak or write. Similar to the way contractions have become common place in written and spoken word. Looking back over my post, it appears as if I am a bit lazy too.

In closing, here are a few acronyms for your comedic enjoyment:

  • St. Thomas University Of International Diplomacy (STUPID)
  • Northern Virginia Gamers (NOVAG)
  • Transport Workers And Tautliners Specialists (TWATS)
  • Biologically Appropriate Real Foods (BARF)
  • Senior Housing Assistance Group (SHAG)
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