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Mod Acronyms...WTF?


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I see that this thread is still getting a crumb of attention, so I'll go ahead and post this. Sorry if anything I write makes you feel attacked, but I'm just being completely frank.


I grew up playing on consoles and recently have been playing PS4 exclusively, though not with any frequency that I would label myself a "gamer" (I play an occasional weekend). My game of choice is TES: Skyrim SE with a few mods that help keep the game looking more current. I really love it because it uses a lot of actual human heritage in its lore. The land that is Skyrim is like moving Iceland and it's heritage into a magical land. Bully.


As a result of using console mods, I started looking at what could be done on PC, which inspired me to make the move to PC gaming. This week my new gaming PC arrived. The first game I added was TES:SSE, naturally.


In my beginner attempt to understand how to use mods on PC, I've had my brain completely locked with frustration. Despite that everyone writing guides for noobs thinks they have written a great guide, in fact, all are using jargon that is undefined, based on the assumption that the reader already has a solid understanding of file extensions and even some computer programming or coding. By far, this thread, simply by revealing the extensions of file names and what they do, has helped me take a new step that I couldn't before. So thanks so much for that, Rennn. In fact this whole thread has been very helpful. Thanks to those who have contributed.


Please continue to do so as new things develop.

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Guess it depends on the size of your hard drive.

In Oblivion, I had just over 2 gigs of mod

material, and in Skyrim, almost 3 gigs.

Can't tell you about FO4, because I just

recently got a graphics card that will push it,

but haven't played it yet.

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Hey! VIC! Not you Vinnie. VIC


The first home computer made by Commodore was the VIC - 20 : the letters stand for; Video Interface Chip. The home set up came with a fancy wiring system so we could wire the box on the VIC - 20 up in between the television connection for the antenna and then wire the TV antenna to the little attachment. The pictures were pretty on a 21 inch sized Color TV set.

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