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files deleted outside of vortex mysteriously


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So I'm completely confused. I've gotten back into skyrim, set up my mods again, went around making sure things worked, and everything was grand for a couple days while I fiddled around trying out new mods, and waiting ages for the FNIS to do its thing.

Then I start getting CTDs constantly, and figure its a mod clashing or that's too old to work properly anymore. So I go back and disable them, like usual to try and pinpoint where the issue is.

However, now, I can't get anything to run. Skyrim CTDs contantly, with or without mods. I've got the steam versio, so I've done the "verify integrity" thing, redownloaded and fixed it, and tried to move on. But now, no matter what I do or dont do, something keeps corrupting or deleting something. I haven't a clue what, since Steam doesn't give any information at all. Using vortex though, to try and uninstall, reinstall, and otherwise reset or try mods again, i'm getting constant messages that something outside of vortex is deleting files. It's not even the same files, it happens left and right every time I try and change anything in vortex, and IMMEDIATELY after verifying the integrityi via steam, something deletes something vital enough that the exe for skyrim won't even launch in the first place.


I'm about to run a new virus scan, though I highly doubt that's the case, but I'm wondering if this is something anyone else has seen? Any specific mods that might be corrupted/deprecated enough to constantly screw things up even when EVERYTHING is disabled and uninstalled? I'm about at my wits end, and if I have to delete everything and redownload the whole game and all the mods I play with normally, I'm probably just gonna give up on skyrim entirely for another couple of years.



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I suggest a fresh install.


1. Uninstall all mods

2. Uninstall Skyrim

3. Delete the Skyrim Steam folder

4. Reinstall Skyrim

5. Run Skyrim

6. Re-add the mods slowly (I suggest 5 mod blocks and any time you get a crash uninstall the 5 one at a time)

7. Play the game have fun

8. ???




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The messages you're getting about something deleting files outside of Vortex is due to changing files OUTSIDE of Vortex usually in the Mod Staging Folder and the Data folder
Have you deleted mods/files outside of Vortex, or moved any folders outside of Vortex?

Also, what was your installation path to FNIS? If the path also has the name of the zip file that FNIS was in, then it's installed wrong, as FNIS shouldn't take Ages to Run, it should take around 30 seconds to a minute at most.

Are you trying to use Animations that are incompatible with whichever version of Skyrim you're using?

You didn't tell us which mods you're using so, none of us can tell whether it's a mod, or bunch of mods giving you trouble.

But for all intents and purposes it sounds like there was a lot of manual moving/deleting of files outside of Vortex's knowledge that started this entire snowball

Also, uninstalling Skyrim and verifying the Cache does nothing if you have a bunch of crap installed in the Data folder, because Steam will leave it all right there because it doesn't delete any files it didn't install, so you can uninstall and re-verify forever, but those mods files are going to be there every single time until you get rid of them.

If you've managed to leave your install salvageable, then try and uninstall all your mods with VORTEX (If you haven't already tried to delete them manually, because Vortex won't be able to do anything about that) and then manually delete your DATA folder and have Steam Re-verify everything.

It also sounds like you're going to have to uninstall Vortex, and delete your C:\users\YOUR NAME\appdata\roaming\VORTEX folder, because it's where Vortex stores all of the now messed up info, and it will just keep trying to bring all that stuff back.

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