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In your opinion - What is the Worst Game You Have Ever Played From &#6


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*WARNING RANT About Dead Space Series + Spoilers aplogies for grammar mitakes*


Worse Game as in Ever ? heh thats a tough one , some games you can find a little good as well as show respect for the guys that did the 3d models but there is one I do greatly dislike story wise at least... Dead Space 3 the only nice thing was the suit desing on the cold planet and the double gun system other than that . kinda fell apart for me :confused: , the game did have a few puzzles here and there to keep the brain from falling apart from all the gun fights and gore but the story welll.....They Pull a Cliche 80s Save the World story

As Realitic as a game about Killing Magical Space Zombies from Deep pace is , they added character devoplment to Issac in 2

and pulled a *Max Payne 3* on us but they did not have a epic combat system with bullet time

Thus even the DLC did not save the series , but ey as much as I rant about the game

they still did Deliver a nice zombie space killing game and was not in early access

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Doom 3:


*Relies too heavily on cheap jump-scares


*No voice for the character; he never says anything in cutscenes even when asked a direct question



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Global gladiators (author you guessed it Mac Donalds )


Stick to burgers people not master system games


Although ffx+ did come close on my list lol


Or how about silent hill Wii

I dare you to die in this game its impossible

No weapons just a torch the whole game

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