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In your opinion - What is the Worst Game You Have Ever Played From &#6


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No More Room In Hell. It is free to play but feels extremely niche. After more than 2 very separate hours trying to figure it out I just gave up and decided that it is even worse than old school E.T. At least with instructions, that game had a lot more imagination going for it.

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How far am I allowed to go back in time with my memories? I am pretty sure almost nobody knows this one but this is where I learnt to mistrust anything which has the word "super" in its name. The game I mean is called "Super Hydlide".


Back in 1990 it promised to have many new features inside this "huge rpg" like a morality system, different characters to play, a night and day cycle and so on, yes this was new at this time, but in fact I remember that at the end I smashed the game cartridge (it was for Sega Genesis) because of the really bad overall balance of almost everything, i.e. carry weight was like pick up an extra orb and your moving speed became slower than a snail, just as an exampel. Although almost 30 years ago it still makes me shudder.

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I had a weak moment during one of those sales recently. Bought 'Way of the Samarui 4'. heh...bad choice. That was the worst game I have ever 'tried' to play. I even pluged in a controler...gave up. Maybe forty five minutes and I said enough. For once the reviews were pretty much correct. Imagine that. :laugh:

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