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Redirects and McAfee Popups that are appearing on the Nexus site.


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Lately I've been noticing Virus Scanner Popups are appearing more on Nexus and normally I would never see any of those here at all. Last time I had an encounter with those popup virus scanner claiming to be McAfee was a couple years ago and I reported it to the admins. They found out why it was happening and they stopped it. Now in 2021 of November those McAfee pop ups are happening right after viewing a mod now. Any chance that these can be looked at?

I know we have those normal ads that we normally would see but the ads I've now seen are capable of redirecting a users to somewhere else.


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Same. McAfee and Yahoo searches are the two I have experienced. Following the guidelines, these are my answers:

  1. I use Norton 360 & Malwarebytes. Both returned clean after scans (This also only occurs on Nexus right now).
  2. I saw the ads starting yesterday and earlier today. Last occurrence was around 10:42pm EST.
  3. I've been doing searches on https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/search/ - I've noticed this is the most frequent (or only) time these appear is during a search. On mod pages or categories it seems OK.
  4. I live in Michigan (USA)
  5. The ads are obviously not normal, because they are redirecting me off the main Nexus website. McAfee claims my information is not safe and to run a scan (FYI for anyone reading PLEASE do not run this).
  6. Here is one link on a Yahoo search: https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?publisherid=58020&type=BIZM_3012310010_$58020_000000$&hspart=Lkry&hsimp=yhs-SF3&obt9bpdyed=0&p=international+business+degrees+florida&param1=mT_Lu9REj71h4LcrN6RYJlHtaT9z4C5jW3xQXPNHc9SlJFqHrdoLjY8P14kJRv0DUO3BBm-hjKHCB4oUOtsWOdj-Ir-du3Jk6Rc82JWeHEYrJYrU0LNkhcMGc-PH6p9jdY7NUN2eWKnRn8DKqQiHQocVQT6MyWk-PNmTLF57PAnB2jOcFcMVkueu2IO2-6zJTJcqH02rF9tosYZJJw9pb6dy05Gey0qk4G3boR_w50EK_4WV9pZdqb6QBCQfSl8dnGzOAr-XONS2-LP9Nx-AWgCANRLru4NTT7Cc0fY6ddaZ6v1HcnO1DgoGpJxEjGUmuYFBAODbjM-1q13d1wTD48s%2c&guccounter=1


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I just had my first McAfee pop-up informing me I have been to sites that have illegal content. Ironically, this is the only site I go to on this computer (gaming only) other than Steam. I just closed out the browser and reopened a new one as I have never fallen for click-bait ads. My fault really, I thought Nexus is/was trustworthy. No biggie though, now the Nexus site is added to the thumb drive transfer list from one of my other computers from this day forward.


Edit: Thanks @Ebony467 for adding the info. I didn't stick around on the site long enough to gather any info when it happened.

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