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Help installing mods on (D:)Drive


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Hello. I've used Vortex in the past to mod stardew valley and skyrim when i had my windows system and games all installed in the same location ((C:)Drive), but recently i bought a SSD and i only use it for my windows, i avoid installing anything there since it doesn't have much space.

The thing is, i want to install Skyrim Special Edition via Steam (both installed on my (D:)Drive) and mod it using Vortex and i tried finding tutorials but couldn't. I'm really bad at changing folders and locations so i would greatly appreciate a small tutorial for dumbs (myself). I looked the forum for it but couldn't find any, and i already had trouble in the past trying to do it without proper knowledge, the only thing i know is that i can't put mods in my vortex install directory. Please be patient with me, i'm really a beginner. I don't have any screenshots to attach since i want to do it properly from the start so i haven't installed anything yet.

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