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Visualise your Skyrim Load Order with Modmapper


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If you've ever wanted to know which mods in your load order edit the same places in Skyrim or would like to find a plot for your new house mod that isn't going to conflict with a load of other mods you should check out Modmapper. 


Modmapper is a passion project for Skyrim - created by dactyl - which overlays a map of the Skyrim worldspace with data pulled from almost every mod available on Nexus Mods to show which areas (cells) are being edited by the mods plugins. 


That's not all, you can also import your plugin list and load order to show a personalised map of all the edits to the world in your load order which is super handy if you're trying to track down conflicts with item placement, terrain or navmesh. 




Right now Modmapper can show data on cell edits in the main Skyrim worldspace for Skyrim Special Edition* and Skyrim VR, with dactyl looking into adding maps for the city worldspaces, Solstheim (Dragonborn DLC) and interior cells as future features. 


In addition to this, Modmapper has a handy Vortex extension that allows you to simply right-click on a mod or plugin to see the edits on the Modmapper website. 


If you would like to know more about Modmapper you can check out the forum thread, feature tracker or source code. You can also support dactyl by sending them a thank you from their profile page


*This tool does not require a specific version of Skyrim SE to work before anyone asks!

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I remember seeing this posted on Reddit a while back, awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing.
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