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Visualise your Skyrim Load Order with Modmapper


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I use a Wabbajack modlist that creates a "Stock Game" files Directory APART from the Base Steam Install. That way your new SE Install remains "Clean" ( and Apart from MO2's files and setup.) And an uninstall of your mod list does nothing to change your Steam install, at all.  BTW the modlist I'm using has over 1200 mods installed. 


I suspect that you may need to add  "Browse" buttons for people who use such means, so they can navigate to the appropriate Disc, Folder and game install. (I tried to load the Mods, but the Stock Install has only the Game's Vanilla files, not even the CC DLCs.) Maybe even a MO2 extension like the Vortex one would be useful at some point.


In my case D:/Licentia/ which is where ALL files for the SE install are.  (D: is my 2 TB SSD for games.) /Licentia contains the Stock Game folder and all mods, downloads, Profiles, Utilites and MO2 as well.


PS: Steam is also installed on D drive. No issues ever.


BTW: This is going to be a GREAT assist to not just Modders, But Those who want to check mods for compatible locations. A Very Good idea it IS!!.


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