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Can't fix the hard-coded texture paths of my custom made armor.


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I had uploaded a mod a while ago, which inclided a new set of Daedric Armor in blue colour. But the armour does not work for those who don't have the same game directory.

There is a guide (which can be found here: https://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/How_to_fix_hard-coded_texture_paths_in_NIF_files) that says that I need to delete everything left of the word Textures and press ENTER. However, when I do it I get the following message: "Windows can't find 'Textures\Armor\blue daedric\m'. Chech the spelling and try again.

Therefore I can't fix the bug.

Any ideas?

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If I'm not completely mistaken, you'll also need to setup the root directory for your game in your NifSkope first for that to work. There's a setting for this specifically somewhere in the config.


I had to completely remove all game and mod/modding files from the virtual machine though, in order for it to remain workable for my job. So I currently have no means to check the whereabouts in the settings myself anymore.

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In that case I'm sorry, but I have only 1.0.22 version of NifSkope, in which the menu is located as these two pictures show:





Isn't there something similar in yours?


Edit: I downloaded the newest I could find (2.0 Dev7) and this part is moved to Options(Main Menu)->Settings...(first one)->Resources.

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