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Why cheat?


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This is for those of you modders that bring your mods into online multi-player and screw us real gamers over. If this doesn't apply to you, jog on!

I really don't understand what your malfunction is. Bringing that stuff into a legit, friendly online game and ruining everyone's experience. Do you not know you're being an a-hole? Because if you don't, you're either slow or so self centered you can't see it. Not only have you ruined matches every single day for me and many others, but now my system can barely run the game without getting an error report and crashing. So thanks for that. But really, what's the payoff? You're not "winning" even if it says you did because you didn't earn it. You cheated. Not just the game but yourself. Relying on the mods to win keeps you from losing, then having to replay it over and over until you have finally conquered your goal. Is that it, are you afraid of losing? Because it's too late, you're a loser. You have broken the unspoken code of gaming. "DON'T CHEAT!"

Remember "Cheating is for B*tches! Don't be a B*tch!"

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Obvious answer: "Because they want to."


Also obvious answer: "They can't win or enjoy the game otherwise." (some people can't handle losing, even in a game).


Not so obvious answer: Sometimes, rarely - the cheaters find themselves in a game together, and decide to just screw around, messing about trying stuff to see what sort of silly/funny results they get. Annoying if you're looking for a proper game, but they might enjoy it.

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This makes me think of a lot of the gripes that people have with some of the players in the online shooter games.

Like auto targeting, seeing other players through walls/obstructions, enhanced dodging, enhanced move speed, stuff like that.


The argument to that tho, is that oh yes, it does pay off. Streamers and pro players cash in on it quite a bit. And yeah, it's ill gotten gains, IMO.

Quite a few cases where those cheaters have gotten caught, or busted. Banned and Boo'd. Pretty hardcore in some cases. Just desserts, IMO.


However, I don't play, or watch, or really even enjoy online shooters, soooooooooooo.... "Jogging on".

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that's why i still prefer single player games. if i want to cheat i cheat myself :wink:. online gaming is in most cases begging to be cheated - as long as i don't know all tricks others already know. it is just a black hole for money as long it is not for free. but if you have fun just keep on with it. i'm not a hacker/cheater and i play no online games - you may guess why. the question is not "why cheat?", the question is "why not?" people do it for fun and i'm sure there are not only one or two. it is a kind of sports to find the best exploit. since i`m aware of that i quitted online gaming completely or just to test for free. to think nobody cheats is like to think nobody lies. you will also find nice articles and documentations on youtube. in the end it is criminal behavior. but some people do not care. show me any game without cheats or exploits. even most offline games are covered by cheats or "trainer".

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In a competitive game, some people want to see the world burn and unfortunately there's nothing we can say to change their mind. On the other hand, if it's a dead, very uncompetitive game it's usually out of curiosity or boredom. The only online game I have ever modded was WaW... in 2015... on PS3. I was 13, bored, and installed the menu and just had fun with other people in a dead game. I even met another modder because duh. We f*#@ed around, had fun, and I haven't touched the game since. Although I'm pretty sure you mean in games like Warzone or, god forbid, Halo Infinite that are actually competitive.

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Lots of reasons:


- fun

- the 'naughty' feeling of getting away with it

- the dopamine rush of dominating a map/opponent


I've been playing Sniper Elite 5 recently and in invasion mode, where another player can invade your game by playing as a german sniper and hunting Karl (the protagonist) the gameplay is heavily skewed in favour of Karl. This is because Karl has advantages that the invading player doesn't, such as the ability to see opponents through walls at short distances and can tell the general direction that the german sniper is on the map.


It's so unbalanced that a good player is unlikely to be killed by the german sniper, even if the invading player is god-like. It gets even worse when there's two Karls playing a co-op invasion game.


In that instance I could understand if a player used a mod/hack to even the odds.

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