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The Chosen Ones and the Epic of Hope!


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[1] Early VenturesDC [16.2][0021]


There was a stables for the horses, the dogs went with the humans as did some other animals except for one that remained with the horses, and of course they were all NPCs except for the five and the children. The Chosen Ones went to the special zone where no NPCs could as they truly could not exist there. They gave their reports to a bored, tired, appearing petty official from the Gamerworld where all of the Chosen Ones had originated from. They easily picked up underlying tension, in the man, though he tried to hide it.


In his head to toes allbodysuit, the petty official completed inputting data through a cyberlinker planted into the back of his neck. The dully gleaming chamber was typical standardized architecture of Gamerworld Society as authorised, and approved off, by the Gamerstate.


Then he spoke. "The decision was made to launch 130,000 parachute-cubeboxes into the prototype gameworld zone of Fallout North America, being 1,000 Clusters13. If one cluster merges it becomes a designated outpost, 39 become a town and 169 become a city there being more outposts than towns and more of them than cities. Perhaps there will be more superclusters to be sent in future and other types of settlements will be created but who knows? At least not those of us at this lowly level of the Gamerstate's bureaucracy. Let us hope that at least the Gamergods know what they are doing."


The man blanched, as if realising he might have said something foolish, and changed subjects. "You have gained your standard bonuses plus some extras. I suggest that you stay at the outpost for a couple of days, at least, for it is free of resources charge for you and you NPCs. You can go now for I have much work to do."


'Let us hope that at least the Gamergods know what they are doing'.


It had probably been a slip of the tongue but it confirmed to the J5/15 what they had suspected for some time; that is that the Grand Program of Projects was not going as it had intended to, at least not fully. They went back to the general zone, of the outpost, to spend time with the NPCs including those in the stables where they tended to the horses and the one riding-bird.

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[1] Early VenturesDC [17.1][0022]


LittleFateObserver always observes what is taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


Into the settlement, of Megaton as based centrally around a big, smooth surfaced, crater were brought a fair sized number of parachute-crates of varied sizes and weights; none of them were too large, or heavy, to carry though the biggest were more problematic.


Under a rough-ready, but sturdy, dome the town had the inner wall along with the outer wall as part of the dome. It was in Outer Megaton that the crates were placed and carefully opened.


Sheriff Lucas Simms was there along with four deputies, two being radhumans like himself and two being protectron robots. Simms had been happy to give up having to be more than just a sheriff and so the mayor was there, along with another Town Council Member, two Militiaguards stood back in their National Guard type fatigues and body-armour, two reporters represented the only Megaton newspaper, and there were a few others.


Infamous Colin Moriarty was there but the sheriff had made it clear to the owner, of the Games'n'Girls Saloon, that he was to stay away from the crates' contents except in an open, honest, fashion of obtaining some.


Professor Brown, Moira Brown's uncle, was there as a scientific adviser while Moria, the owner of the Wondrous Brown Emporium, was standing next to him having her hand held protectively by him. Her other hand was held by one of the three mercs who were hired as her bodyguards.


Items were carefully removed from a crate and turned out to be well produced, refined, lotech items such as backpacks, lamps, ropes, blankets, tents, clothes, fishing kits, tools and bandages; there were fewer, more exotic, items such as amazingly effective healing serums and cool flame, slow burning, candles.


Even the smallest crate was large enough to turn into a shelter and soon they were helping to house many of those who had been forced to dwell in one of the two, crowded, hostels.


The parachutes were recovered and soon being used as the basis of dometents as good, temporary, shelters.

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[0] Other VenturesDC [0.0][0000]


LittleFateObserver always observes what is taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


The Wanderer made his way through a big old carpark tower, at a lower level, amongst three wheeled hovercars, electric family sedans, delivery vans and only a very few atomic hoversedans. There were scattered skeletal remains but yet again he considered perhaps there were not enough of them considering the large numbers of those who had supposedly died on Doomsday. It did not seem plausible that all of them had been radghoulified simply because there were not enough radghouls, including all kinds of them, to support that idea.


Radraiders were there in big numbers, newcomers having come westward because of the reavers forcing them to flee. The Wanderer walked below corpses, hanging from the ceiling, knowing that most of them were a lie for they were radraiders who had died of wastelands type 'natural causes'. He easily tracked the radraiders cleverly spying on him but his very presence had them not shoot at him for he seemed to fill up a far greater space than just his body did.


The leader was smart, canny, enough to come and meet the Wanderer for he had heard about this one, had carefully picked up on the stories of radraiders destroyed by this one. Following the Wanderer, in a seemingly impossible manner, was a large handcart full of goodies that seemed to be pulling itself along.


Gashin Tallish was in black leather armour, studded of course, but he was smart enough to carry no weapons. He was as tall as the Wanderer, looked tougher, but knew that the other was far more dangerous than him plus his people. "You got goodies so you must want to trade."


The Wanderer halted and so did the handcart. "Straight to the point, as usual! Have got stimpaks, psycho, MREs, medX, radaway, NukaCola Original, well preserved canned food, coffee powder, milk powder, dried muttfruits, knife sharpeners, comic books, and bloodX."


Gashin nodded. "Comic books, good! NukaCola Original, very good! Could use it all but what do you want in turn?"


The Wanderer smiled, lukewarmly. "Being totally honest, tell me all you can about the reavers. Make it good enough and a second handcart, of goodies, will appear complete with some slippipeguns. No falsehoods, no bragging, no tall tales, just the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Who knows, I might even throw in a third handcart of goodies."


Thus the telling began and the radraiders managed to earn all three handcarts and their contents; the stories they told, of the reavers, assisted the Wanderer more than they would ever know or care. They were glad to see him gone and were soon arguing, over the goodies, under Gashin's oversight.

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[1] Early VenturesDC [18.1][0023]


LittleFateObserver always observes what is taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


The LittleFateMan stepped out of 'nothingness' and was there almost as if he had always been there. He was the first, of the LittleFateFamily, to actually exist in that crazy mortal realm; even the LittleFateObserver was not there but a few of its avatar LittleFateWatchers, of the LittleFateFollowing, were so. It was always risky for Celestials to go deeply into mortal realms because they became more vulnerable while lessening their power. It helped that the LittleFateMan was extremely powerful in the first place.


He stood as a smiling, flush cheeked, rather portly, Late Victorian businessman in black gear of a bowler sat, a coat, smartly pressed trousers and rather pointy shoes. His button vest, and glimpsed socks, were white. Also black were the folded umbrella in his right hand and the briefcase in his left one.


The ancient timespaceship was lightly damaged, seemingly long abandoned and in the capsulechairs were preserved bodies of false immortal flightcrew members. They were Gallifreyan ancestors of the Timelords being of the Gallifreyan Empire. In status they were very much still alive. The Gallifreyan Empire had dominated the universe for a while being neutral evil in status, a great parasitic entity that had been overthrown by a great rebellion spanning that same universe. What had remained a mystery, after that empire was gone, was why they had been desperately seeking certain kinds of rare, exotic, resources that had been the central focus of their actions?


In their solidified energy suits, the Gallifreyan Imperials were cursed with false immortality that had been failing and for ever driving them to find a cure for the curse that they had brought onto themselves. It was said that the Timelords had found the cure through the 'regeneration' discovery.


The LittleFateMan knew that these particular Gallifreyans had been trying to find the celestial artefact that they called the True Lifestone of Destinies and that the artefact was linked to the creation of the Gamerworld and the growing number of gameworlds.


Out, from himself, flashed a wave of yellow-white energies that went through everybody-everything in that amazing vessel that had many of the same 'tricks' as had most Timelord TARDISes. Now it was upgraded to being an actual TARDIS but with celestial 'extras' that no TARDIS normally had.


The FateTARDIS dematerialised from the gameworld's bleak Northern Polar Region and materialised in WashingtonDC in a deep, well hidden, part of Rivetcity. Now he sat on a comfortably padded armchair with his umbrella on an umbrella stand and his briefcase on a moderately large tablecloth covered table. He sipped from an oversized teacup, that never seemed to empty, and waited patiently for what it was that needed to happen next.

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Note: Carries on from previous Post #35.


[1] Early VenturesDC [18.2][0024]


The FateTARDIS had absorbed the massive nuclear trisubmarine while then allowing it to exist as an outermost aspect of that amazing machine, to take up its appearance. In essence the USSS Triumphant was still its old self, USSS meaning United States Service Ship, with its same internal layout, structure and other features. It lay where, it had been hidden, just before Doomsday. Its crew, marine compliment, visitors and others were in deepsleep capsules but now they were rejuvenated and enhanced just as the trisubmarine was.


Apart from crew, marines, some other USDF people, were XFISA (XFiles Investigations Security Agency) staff along with animals, plants and fungi but also some oddities. The mission, of the trisubmarine, had never been activated and that had been to investigate a post apocalyptic world in case the much feared Doomsday did take place.


The LittleFateMan quietly activated the next stage, of the preplanned process, and then had another sip of tea plus a nibble of a dry cracker biscuit from a never ending plate of them.

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[0] Other VenturesDC [0.0][0000]


LittleFateObserver always observed what was taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


The handsomely famous 3Dog shook his head in wonder, at his general work desk with its just so working DTC, desktop computer. More independent type computers had been far less common, than types of mainframe linked terminals, before Doomsday but they had started to catch up.


He spoke to elegantly, adorable, 2Kitty who was at the DJ desk while a cartridge played prerecorded music, adverts and comical interludes from the DJs. "Most Anon (Anonymous) sent me a very interesting set of statements; the first is that there are too many mannequins, citizen realistic statues, budget shelters, oversized vending-machines, inexplicable oddities such as globetowers, turrets, robots, remoterobots, and the list goes on. The emphasis seems to be on the mannequins, the citizen statues and the budget shelters."


A big old tomcat, of a tabby cat, sat on 2Kitty's lap thrumming away loud enough for all in the chamber to easily hear. MrDJ, an adapted MrHandy robot, floated in mid air, doing some sorting of recent donations; unfortunately too many of them were electric toasters; it had been that way since one of 3Dog's jokes had back fired badly.


2Kitty nodded. "I would agree about the mannequins, especially those museum style ones stuck away in odd, little, museum like display chambers."


3Dog nodded right back as the black, hairy, dog on his lap farted. "Thank you, Smooge, for your contribution to air quality. On my travels I saw that to be true mainly for the bigger, Predoomsday, settlements. Says here that a budget shelter was nearly struck with a cannon shell and that the resulting crater showed a great structure below the cylinder shaped shelter that was many times its size. It was assumed, by the GIs fighting there, that it was actually a bunker of some kind below the visible shelter but Most Anon questions that assumption but does not state what could be the alternative except to say that it might help explain the shortage of skeletal remains and radghouls for surely there should be more found than there are."


2Kitty looked thoughtful. "Hints and clues! Remind me, how many daring investigative reporters do we have that are willing to risk going out into the WastelandsDC?"


3Dog sighed. "As you know, none, and who can blame them."


2Kitty did not bother to sigh back. "Then it is due time that we recruited some!"


It was an idea, a very interesting idea, but could it work?

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Note: Changed, fixed, expanded notes in Post #36 above.


[1] Early VenturesDC [19.1][0025]


LittleFateObserver always observes what is taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


Jasmine, Jessica, Jillian, Jocelyn and Juniper now dwelt always in the SGH while secondary avatars, of themselves, were active outside of it. That meant that the J5/15 could take far greater advantage of the special capacities of the SGH while still carrying out their lives outside of it.


The five brothers, not Chosen Ones, were one set of triplets and another of twins. Jasmine was with them, in the hidden area close to the apartment, with the five special animals who were now avatars outside of the SGH as the sisters were. The twins were adorable six year old boys who slept all snuggled up against her and the animals while the 16 year old twins were helping Jasmine going through documents recently gained by the quintuplets; it was information that could possibly help with the radroacher problem.


Jazzda read out from an old edition, of an official journal, showing on the vaulttablet that he was using. "Another radroach infestation problem back about 159 years ago. The Prime Overseer instigated an investigation that led to a large amount of fixing up of areas of semivaults, and demivaults, but less so to MainVault101DC; he seemed to have assumed it was safe simply because it was the main techvault."


Jasmine responded. "Such thinking patterns are only too prominent in the Overseer Network but not just there. Unofficial work teams often end up doing the real work though they might be secretly supported by a few officials. Remember there are Overseers but also Directors, Coordinators and Supervisors."


Jazzme grinned as he added. "Caretakers, secret Underseers and cool DJs."


Jasmine smiled. "I am not sure Caretakers are important enough to be considered as officials, that Underseers actually exist and that cool DJs have any strong links to the Overseer Network." Then she shrugged. "If there are 'Underseers' out there, somewhere, I suppose will be find them one day."


Jazzme grew a little grimmer. "An article in the Vault Reformer magazine, that was latter banned by the Overseers, states that a man was found in the lowest levels of MainVault101DC; though he wore a vaultsuit it did not bear the normal TV101DC logos but obscure codes. He was heavily wounded and was dying. He raved about something called the Isolationist Entrapment Experiment, the creation of monsters and about what he called evil supergeniuses of the 13G13 and the Rani. He died and the Overseers tried to make the whole incident vanish away."


Jasmine took a look at the journal, surprised that she had not seen it before though the quins had gone through the collection before; then again it seemed to have expanded in size when the odd changes had taken place. They went on going through publications.

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[1] Early VenturesDC [20.1][0026]


LittleFateObserver always observes what is taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


The J5/15 were startled to learn that they had, like most VaultFolk101DC, made assumptions about the true nature, of TechVault101DC and its history, that were now very questionable.


The S5/15, of LyonsPride03, entered Megaton where Sentinel Sarah Lyons negotiated with Mayor Nancy Drewmore, and the Megaton Town Council, about the creation of a SteelOrderhood Outpost being created there. It would also involve the FaithOrderhood and the TechOrderhood. Sarah began to learn more about TechVault101DC through various means.


The JO5/15 travelled to the Reregulators Headquarters otherwise named as RRHQDC. There they found that the resources, including Reregulator numbers, had been greatly boosted by the Gamergods through the Gamerlords.


The L5/15, of biodroids, continued to serve the criminally insane 13G13 and to work with the just as dangerous Rani of a rogue Timelord. The Rani passed over her Radroach Research Development to the 13G13 in exchange for some very favorable concessions.


The M5/15 were involved in skirmishes with infiltrating groups of radroachers getting too close to the wall in Caves101DC. Otherwise they assisted with the upgrading of the Wallguards and the wall as in the enclosing of battlements to protect them from flying attacks.


More Chosen Ones were arriving into DC!

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[1] Early VenturesDC [21.1][0027]


LittleFateObserver always observes what is taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


The five quintuplet sisters stood facing the sloping datascreen with its holographic features that showed the former USC Mainland. Radroaches scuttled past on their way to meeting needs in newly improved roachrooms; they were hardly the only creatures there and an area of semiwilderness greenery grew alongside one wall.


Jasmine shook her head. "The official TechCorp TechLocation Lists are misleading though much of the detail is true enough. They have false coordinates and stated purposes for existence. TechVaults are in fairly large numbers but how many actually exist and what of unlisted ones, how many are there of those? Apart from techvaults there are far more numerous techshelters, a few government shared techbunkers, and even others called techbases."


The sphere shaped entity appeared out of mid-air almost as if it had always been there. It had a big, simple, smiley face with big round eyes and a horizontal mouth while its nose was an almost flat triangle. "Gosh, me is a LittleFateOne of the LittleFateFollowing! Techcities, techtowns, techstores, and maybe even techtickles!"


Picking up on the not so subtle subtle clue, Jillian went to the LittleFateOne and tickled it so that it broke out into odd sounding, joyful, laughter.


Then she spoke. "Techcities, techtowns, what are they?"


The LittleFateOne spoke, having ceased to laugh. "They are dedicated settlements underground. Techstores are big techvault like techstructures that are mostly full of equipment-supplies being mostly supplies. Me made up 'techtickles' because me wanted to be tickled."


Juniper spoke with a tone of astonishment. "You did?"


The floating orb entity nodded its whole head. "Me did, me really did so!"

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[1] Early VenturesDC [21.2][0028]


Then it went on. "TechVault101DC is on a very special techstructure list along with a minority of other kinds. All one knows is that it is not because of the experiments that TechCorp secretly instigated in some of its built TechVaults such as the Isolationist Entrapment one in this techvault; at least not directly so. All such techstructures were built above places of truly ancient evil. Perhaps the experiments were meant to draw up the evil from below!"


Jessica spoke. "We five are Chosen Ones from the Gamerworld where we grew up!"


The LittleFateOne spoke. "Call me LittleFateOne Bagsie or just Bagsie. Me knows many things such as how to eat tasty snacks, how to drink lovely water and how to get cuddly cuddles."


Those subtle hints led to the providing of foodbars, water and some hugging of the floating one who hugged back with its two double jointed arms, one being on each side.


It was then that a soft sparkling shimmer went through everybody and everything.

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