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Teleport Spell? Or: "Beam Me Up, Scotty"


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It looks like you defined your own marker, which is using only XMarker's nif file. This way it won't do. Your marker reference must retain XMarker (or XMarkerHeading) Base Object defined in its "Base Object" field.


Changing reference's editor ID is easy. As you place your base object into cell it will become reference with same ID as base object has. To change it find your newly added reference in Cell View window, select it by clicking on it within list of "{eID of your cell} Objects" window. Once is selected, right click on it again and in context menu which will appear select "Edit". Edit window appears and as newly added object you will see "Reference Editor ID" field empty. Fill it to your liking and with selecting "OK" button you're done.

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Okay, I thought as much. I double checked just to be safe. Sometimes these things are small, stupid things any modder can overlook.


It's a Magic Effect script, yes. So I don't quite understand why the spell won't take. I have three others that work perfectly.

Unless I've got to use the technique apparently involving "Marker rats"?


The teleport script looks like this. I used your example script, simply took out the In Combat part:
"ScriptName BSRTeleportHomeScript

Begin ScriptEffectStart

player.moveto BSRMarkerteleportHomeRef


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