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It has finally happened, I've lost all my games....


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Well, things aren't going so good right now. I tried installing a bunch of stuff I had on steam because I was tired of only having Skyrim to play. This completely screwed up my computer though. I uninstalled everything that I was having to emulate, hoping that would fix the problems. Skyrim still technically runs, but strangely IT DELETED ALL MY SAVES. It replaced them with saves that I last opened when I had WINDOWS 10. Keep in mind, I have cloud saves disabled, so this shouldn't be happening. I wasn't going to continue that playthrough anyway, but now I'm worried my saves are going to get randomly deleted. Also, Skyrim's launcher started up like I was running the game for the first time, even though I've had it installed for weeks now and didn't change a damned thing. So yeah, no more windows programs. Sadly, linux games seem to be rare, and most of what I own is scam games I refuse to install. So right now, all I have is Skyrim and some random indie games I haven't opened in years. No idea how much longer Skyrim's going to keep running, given the luck I've been having. Think i'll be running the game through skse from now on in hopes that steam won't forcibly update it anymore (yes, steam is updating Skyrim LE, I don't know with what but it kept screwing up all my other programs, and seems to have screwed up skyrim too seeing as I lost all my saves).

On a side note, I can't figure out how to install mod organizer for linux. Everything's github, which I've never for the life of me been able to figure out (why don't they make the download link apparent? Ive never even been able to figure out where the crap it is). It also requires me to install half a dozen other things I've never even heard of before just to run it. Fml. Am I not allowed to just relax and play my f*#@ing games? Yeah, they run better than ever ON THE FREAK OCCASIONS THEY TURN ON.

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Downloading from github is quite easy. On the "<> Code" page on the right side of window there is a a "Releases" part. Click on "Releases" title or name of file tagged with "Latest". New window will open with some information about changes and there will be also "Assets" part. Click on any file here and a download dialog of your browser will show or it will be straightly downloaded to a download dir of your browser (this is dependand of download settings of your browser). The first one, marked with cube, will be propably the one you want.

Still, for installing Mod Organizer 2 on Linux I was able to find some install scripts only. I'm unable to say if they will work or not.

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RomanR - I agree github is fine once you work  your way round it but it can look a little daunting at first - it's a bit geeky interface-wise. 🙂  

rockerbacon (on github) has a solution to MO2 (that's what I used). It really does need time set aside and patience so don't do it if you're feeling frazzled. rockerbacon explains what to do and MO2 'knows' what it needs so will check and download any missing bits. If it fails the first time, have another go. But make sure you follow rockerbacon's instructions carefully. 

I noticed that someone on Nexus has managed to get Vortex to work on Linux as well. I did that a while back but my recent attempts led to failure so I gave up (for the time being). It's still running fine on my old machine though. But there is something about this one it doesn't like... Or this machine doesn't like it...  Anyway, I glanced at what they had to say and I think they have detailed instructions from what I remember. There were loadsa screenshots - if you like pictures. 


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On 1/6/2024 at 4:38 AM, InDarkestNight said:

I've met all manner of denialists, I was just mentioning the most common things I've seen in the Skyrim community. Though I do recall getting into a debate with some once over whether or not the Earth is round, seriously Then there's the ludicrous number of people in the community who deny the harm that bethesda is doing to the skyrim community. It would probably take me hours to list every form of denialism I've encountered. I even seriously ran into some videos on youtube once claiming that the sky is a hologram, seriously. I sorta remember those because in a way, its like them denying that the sky is blue. That's actually sorta amusing, even if it is rather dark.

This problem is easily solved, don't engage with them, it's pointless, any person who believes the Earth is flat, the sky is a hologram or the sun is fake isn't likely to be very rational, if you do manage to overwhelm them with evidence they'll just accuse you of being part of whatever conspiracy they're into.  

On 1/7/2024 at 12:27 PM, InDarkestNight said:

No, I don't have anyone to talk to, due to no fault of my own. Besides, who could I talk to me about this? I have tried to talk to people online about my various problems, but I never find a solution.

You won't find a solution online, because the only one who can fix this is you. Nothing is going to change unless you address your negativity, this isn't the first thread like this you've posted and anyone who tries to help faces a wall of that negativity, nothing will change until you change.

I'll give you some advice that was given to me by a experienced professional. 

Get negative people out of your life, be it online or out in the real world, these people suck the joy out of life, emotional vampires who will drag you down with them. You have to learn to ignore these people, no good will come from engaging with them, it's not easy to do but train yourself to do it because it will make one hell of a difference. 

Don't fight battles you can't win or that are pointless,  an example of this is the culture war, do you think anything you say is going to make the slightest bit of difference to anyone or anything related to that? it won't so why bother? It's fine to discuss these things but the minute it gets unpleasant walk away. 

Understand that negative emotions are often inflicted on ourselves as a response to the actions of others, with enough self control you can stop it, but you do need to be calm. You'll also find that this helps when interacting with other people, remaining positive and polite can often change the behaviour of the person you're having that interaction with.

I used to be very combative, but I decided to make changes to my life and now I'm far happier, if someone posts something unpleasant on one of my mods or images on here I just block them, the same with abusive people on Twitter, once in a while I slip back to my old ways but it's rare and becoming rarer.

If you can't pull yourself out of the rut you're in then I strongly suggest you speak to a professional, you won't regret it. 

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I think most InDarkestNight "negativity" expressed here is due the fact he isn't a "tech-type" person. Despite his degree as a programmer he clearly isn't enjoying any tinkering with tech, be it computers, cars etc..., feeling it all is forced upon him. And I think he is also living in some rural area, which makes solving his problems even harder. But you're right, he must solve his problems on his own - the others can help him, but can't solve them instead of him. On the other hand I understand him, because why he should spend days to make something work, which should run out-of-box? Why should computers and programs be wieved differently than for example a washing machine in regard of functionality? Yes, computers are very complex and programming for them is very complex too. But it isn't an user's fault in any way. Users want simply use them, for any purpose they want.


In fact the rockerbacon's install scripts were the ones I was reffering to.

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What I meant is that I don't enjoy messing with cars BECAUSE OF PAST TRAUMA. I would love to tinker on computers, which is why I chose linux. Problem is, I have no clue how to do that. There is no guide anywhere on the internet, and if you ask you just get assailed for not knowing. How is it possible to learn? What, should I just enter in random gibberish into the terminal and see what happens? Yes, it is annoying that seemingly nothing is working, but that's not my only problem. As for gaming, I may finally have it fixed now, so at least I have my games back. Doesn't fix the car though, but that will have to wait until my next paycheck.

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I'm running version 22, so I don't know how much that book would help me. Funny enough, I initially installed version 20, but I upgraded because all my games were lagging with that version for some reason. At least I finally got some help for once, thank you for that.

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