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What changes do you make to defaults for new games?


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Default settings?

No changes, really. Sometimes I disable the compass.


Just in case you didn't know, a timescale of 6 is still much slower than the vanilla one, and it shouldn't cause bugs.

I believe there's also a mod that sets the timescale to 1 but then sets the timescale back to the normal setting temporarily when it would cause a bug. I don't remember what it's called though.

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As far as I know, it just breaks 2 quests. "A Brush With Death" and "Where Spirits Have Lease". At least, those are the only two that the Oblivion Wiki mentions.


There's this mod. http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/27352/?

It turns the timescale back to default for those 2 quests, so they don't break, and it allows you to set your timescale to anything without having to re-enter it into the console all the time. It also allows the player to set different timescales for different actions (eg, a different timescale for quick traveling than walking), but those can be disabled if you don't want to use that feature.

I used it for a while, and it seemed to work. I just stopped using it because I decided to get rid of every mod that I didn't really need.

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I tend towards realism mods, on the whole.


Firstly, there's the usual batch of stability tweaks, including the unofficial patches, FastExit 2 and Oblivion Stutter Remover. I also use the 4GB patch as I run on Windows7 x64, but as it's a Steam install i have to reapply that fairly frequently. As I have all the DLCs (all cleaned, plus a couple expanded), I also use SM Plugin Refurbish. I've installed the Dark DarnUI mod too, as the original interface is ... restrictive. I then turn the music OFF ... and tweak several settings in the bashed patch.


Next, gameplay tweaks. I run most of Strategy Masters and Duke Patricks mods, to enhance combat, plus Enhanced Economy, Kurtee Inventory is a Backpack, Physical Throwable crates & chests, Real Sleep Extended, Realistic Ragdolls & force, Harvest Flora, Harvest Containers, BFGs Enhanced Armory and WEPON, plus MOBS and MOBS for SI.


Next, characters and body replacers. I've installed Blockhead (to de-fuglify the starting points), the Robert male body V5.2, EVE Exnem/HGEC C-cup, and Oblivion Character Overhaul. I am intending to install K.A.T.S. and Argonian Beautification once I work out the best order to install them in.


World expansions next. I prefer my world to be complex, rather than feeling as though I am the only character that matters. So, I've installed all of the Unique Landscapes packs, the full Open Cities Reborn / Better Cities, all of Arthmoor's village mods, and several "massive quest" mods such as Verona House Bloodlines, Lost Spires, Archaeologists Guild, Knights of the Nine Revelation. etc. plus the Shipping for Cyrodiil mod and the landscape tweaks needed to make the rivers navigable. Then there were a huge slew of compatibility patches :sad: I've also installed T.I.E. to add more NPCs to the world - the computer grumbles a little but they do make the Imperial city into a more convincing hub for the Empire. It's still got the Market area in a really silly place though - what idiot would put STEPS on the main entry way to the market to make it impossible to use wagons and handcarts? Maybe the Ayleids levitated the goods in...


There were a few things I had installed, but de-installed for now. The Immersive Physics-Enabled Prison Exit seemed to clash with a landscape mod; Sundered Keep seems to have a bug whereby if you get arrested, you trigger part of the quest accidentally without having had the prerequisites; Malevolent advises not starting the mod until after the main quest (I do wish mod-makers would put starting requirements into the scripting so that mods started seamlessly).


While there have been one or two niggling problems with the economy, plus making the tutorial dungeon a real challenge (yes, I KNOW Duke Patrick's mods are supposed to be installed AFTER the tutorial, but I like to try things myself - those goblins are BLOOMIN' fast and vicious now), and I still have to learn the required combat styles for swordwork, the game is now overall harder and more fun. I've left off cosmetic mods - those can be added later if I want to.

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I have changed the time to 1:10 instead of the vanilla 1:30 and I have altered my character´s stats a bit to better suit his way of life. Like for example, he hasn´t been tinkering with his Heavy Armour skill since forever and thus I dropped it down quite considerably to reflect that inactivity.


Other than that I play with the difficulty setting slightly to the left and I often manipulate the weather, mostly to have it stay on whatever it´s on and not change five times in ten minutes.

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Timescale 10 is good for me. I like it a little faster than RL but not by much. This helps account for things like being able to change in and out of armor in a flash, so its good to have a nice middle number.


And I remove all the videos from the ini file so that when the game loads it goes straight to menu. That is mostly just done because of all the play-testing I do though.

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