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How To Take Screenshots


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Unlock Print Screen (PRTSCN) button

There is a setting in the INI file:


change to:



Also, two related items for the screenshots:




There are two INIs, one in the game folder called "Oblivion_default.ini", this is the one it uses to generate the REAL one....

My Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Oblivion.ini


Edit the first one if you want to default to having screenshots on by default for all users. The settings it uses at runtime are the ones from My Documents folder.


After you mod the INI file, you can press PRTSCN button and Oblivion will write a BMP file to your game folder.


EDIT by LHammonds - Since this post, it has been learned that a few scenarios can prevent this from working such as Anti-Aliasing and Vista UAC. Please read the following article:


How To Create Screenshots Using Oblivion


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It is true that for some users, the technique listed by Stampede doesn't work.


In addition to what Stampede says, changing the line bAllowScreenshot=0 in the ConstructionSet.ini file in the My Documents folder to =1 can help, as can turning off the Anti-Aliasing, or so I've heard. Changing the ConstructionSet.ini file worked for me, I think, however I have a feeling I turned off AA at the same time. ^^; So who knows.

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Stampede you are a legend! thanks for the advice! Now how do I post the shot onto a page such as this?



Woohoo it worked for me.


There are a couple of ways to do it. You could either use the file attachment option when you post, or get an image hosting site (www.photobucket.com) to host them for you, then paste the image url.

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Where does it save the screenshots to? I dont know if mine is creating them or not because there's no split second delay that most games have when screenshots are created and there's no visible display on the screen notifiying me that I took a screen shot. I turned the screenshot option to 1 in the oblivion.ini file in my documents but can't find the screenshots (if the game is taking them).


I've got AA on. I'll try turning it off and see what happens.



EDIT: I turned AA off and it takes screenshots now. I guess that was the problem. :/

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it works for me a diffrent way....

i didnt try it but for most games you just have to press print screen Sys Rq button and go into paint and click on the box in the tools box and click right and press paste...that works for me.... :huh:


Ive tried it but it didnt work....... a well....theres always a camera~

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:unsure: I changed everything that needs to be changed, but it still wont take a screenshot. I need help my prtSc isn't working.


I use FRAPS myself but from what I've read, try making the ini file read-only after editing it. Also, although I do not know if this is entirely true, on some systems you need to enable HDR to be able to take screenshots [although I believe this closely tied to the AA seeing as you can't have both on at the same time]

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