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3ds Max - Read This 1st


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Lot's of great links here to check out. There goes the rest of my free time. :tongue:


I'd like to add Nightasy's site to the list. Geared mostly to Skyrim modding, he presents a selection of almost 60 videos (and growing) from setup, mesh conversion and creation to rigging and textures. Extremely well done and highly recommended.

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As knowledgeable as LHammond is, I highly doubt he would know, mainly because we don't.


Currently there is no active developer working on the plugin. However, there are people working on various unofficial versions (ie., code hasn't been reviewed and tested for comparability and merged back in the official code repository); incluuding www182 who used Figments version as the base, and Elaphatrom who uses another base.


In both cases we are in contact with the authors and the latter case recently enough we hope to start looking into starting the verification process to at least get the code on a branch to start into a code review. That seems to be quite active but it depends what version of Max you are using.


For the latest news on development check out the Niftools forum - Development - 3ds Max : http://niftools.sourceforge.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=20


Side note : Niftools -> organisation, 3ds Max Nif Plugin -> addon/

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There is a full series of YouTube videos by NightasyTutorials for 3DS Max. The tutorial series mainly handles making armor for Skyrim in a lot of detail, including how to get the meshes in game. The series also explains the basics, including how to download the 3DS Max and Nifscope.

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