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3ds Max - Read This 1st


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3ds Max is a 3D modeling tool that is commonly used by professionals as part of a larger work-flow of tools and processes. Modders can download a trial version that will last for a certain number of days but it is primarily a retail product that costs around $3,500.00 and is considered an industry standard. Students with a valid school email address (extension of .edu or .ac.uk) can register at http://students.autodesk.com and download the full version for free. Plugins to import/export NIF models can be found at SourceForge.


Here are some tutorials that anyone new to 3ds Max should read:


  • The tutorials that come with 3ds Max

Here are some game-related tutorials related to modding with this tool (might be separated into their own pinned threads one day):


Here are some locations to find more tutorials related to this tool:


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Feel free to reply here and let us know of any additional tutorials or tutorial sites that are out there in the wild that we do not know about.


Also, feel free to post any requests for tutorials. I will try to keep a compiled collection of requests on the 2nd post. Bare in mind that requests are generally for ANYONE to complete...not specific to an individual.


List of requested tutorials (number on the end is how many times it has been requested)


  • Rigging tutorial for Oblivion

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You're welcome. It is just a LOT easier to find what you need if everyone goes to the same place, regardless of the game they are modding. Lots of very useful information is missed because it is posted in a game-specific area and whatnot. Hopefully, this will help alleviate the issue a bit.



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I Googled a bit, and found these two tutorials, it could be useful to newcomers.




Well, I'm poor on writing introductions and tutorials, but to me, the most basic for anyone wanting do this (including 3D & 2D) are some senses on image. To 3D specifically, there would be some basics on geometry, math, "spiritual" ;) feel of the world around, and a bit of mouse-clicking-and-dragging skills :D. But one thing for sure, you'll have some sleepless nights before taking grasp on this. After you've gotten a hold of it, all that's left will be your imagination.

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--Edit: I didn't see the miscellaneous forum below, sorry. Oops.


Original Post:

I've never used 3DSMax, sticking mostly to GMax instead - though I do know GMax is sorta like the slightly duller younger brother to 3DSMax.


Maybe a topic on the similarities and differences between these two programs? This might be a good idea, considering 3DS Max costs about as much as a new kidney and GMax is... well, free and thus won't scare off people who want to try modelling. I know Blender is free too, but some people will find GMax easier to get into, 'cause Blender's interface can be a little... intimidating.

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