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If someone could add a tutorial on how to retexture eyebrows and other parts of the face, that would be great. I've run into a big problem while trying to retexture the eyebrow .dds files. Can anyone help?


Looks like an alpha channel issue. When painting textures that in the end shall turn out semi transparent, make sure that the alpha channel of the diffusemap is plain white where the texture's supposed to be visible and black where it should be invisible!

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@LHammond & everybody ... I have an odd case right here ...
The picture is attached ...

The case is, I'm testing to edit a body texture of Fallout New Vegas's BNB belong to Thaumx, by using Adobe Photoshop CS5.
His texture are different than the origin ones because his texture got an alpha layers, which if i edited and saved the files, & reload the file, it will get a result a flat blue image and the alpha layer are gone.

I'm tinker the "NVIDIA save setup" a little bit and still get a flat blue image (like normal maps).

But when I'm download and Install GIMP v2.8, & it can't open dds files. So I'd tried back to Photoshop CS5, and try to open the dds file edit & save, then reload it, and surprisingly, this time i don't get a flat blue image, but the texture i just edit & saved before ...


I wonder why... do anybody knows why ?

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^This should be it's own thread.


But anyway. If what I see in that image is the texture simply just opened in PS, then you can ignore his alpha channel as it's just blank white. Which is basically wrong anyway. But the reason why you are stripping the alpha layer after saving with those settings is because DXT1 cannot store a alpha channel. Use DXT5 for that.


This blank blue texture thing you mention sounds suspiciously like you have ticked the box that says 'convert to tangent space normal map' in normal map settings. What might be happening if that is on is that will be trying to read your diffuse texture as height info and trying to convert to normal data. Which you don't want, and that entire feature set should be ignored as it's mostly useless and will never yield a decent normal map even if that is what you wanted.

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