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Real-time Strategy


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I love the RTS genre and always have. I have most of them.


Just like Wrath, I too love Homeworld and rather enjoyed Sins. I love the Age of Empires series and the Stronghold series (though I hope we get many improvements with the latest).


I quite liked StarCraft II but wish we'd had the other campaigns released together as it felt a tad short after looking forward to it for so long.


I think my favourite genre, however is the city builder. Assuaging my (apparent) megalomaniac desires causes me to lose hours. :) I'm currently enjoying Tropico 3.



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I played my fair share of Rome: Total War, Medieval 2: Total War Gold, Empire, Star Wars: Empire at War (+ expansion) and the like. I've played many more, in the style of Victoria II, and so on, but the TW series has got me more or less hooked. E:TW is currently my poison, playing as Austria and have gone the economical way of having over 100,000 goldinars in my coffers by 1730.


RTS is one of my favourate genres, but it's sometimes hard to find good games these days... :/

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EA anervercery addition(all C&C games bar red alert 3, CNC3/4.. includes CNC Generals/ZH)

CNC :contra(russen made overlay for CNC generals ZH)

CNC red alert 3

CNC 3 / kanes rath

battle for middle earth 2

surpreme commander: FA

Dawn of war 40k 2 gold edit(not instaqlled.. dam steam)

dawn of war 40k 1 compleate edit(DOW gold edit, DOW soulstorm, DOW Dark Crusade)

AOE collecters edit( AOE 1, AOE rise and fall of rome, AOE 2, Aoe 2 concers)

AOM gold( age of mith 1 + expantion)

Warcraft 3.... + frozen expantion

starcraft battle chest

thats all i think


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i play "castle fight" in warcraft 3.. its fun as hell screw DOTA tho :pinch:

fave so far has got to be CNC 3 kanes wrath... ohh to have 100 spectors useing there artillery on a bace on the outher side of the map thanks to the becon mark of the doods that fly around and blow stuff up

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I have played various strategy games since 1992. Below is a list of games I have played that can be considered real-time strategy and real-time tactics. They are ordered from oldest to newest based on release date.


The one game I happened to miss and wished I got a chance to play is Company of Heroes.



Dune 2 (1992)

- Great universe to play in. Collecting spice and avoiding the worm was great fun.


Warcraft I (1994) and II (1995)

- Much fun was had with these games. Once I played #2, it was painful to go back and play the 1st in the series.


Total Annihilation (1997)

- My most-loved strategy/tactical game of all time. Mine always had the max amount of custom units tailored to my liking. I even made a CD-ROM with an offline HTML site to navigate all the content with descriptions and images along with all the mod tools available.

- Would still play the game to this very day.


XCOM: Apocalypse (1997)

- More XCOM fun but now in real-time.

- Would still play the game to this very day.


Age of Empires I (1997), II (1999), III (2005)

- I like all versions and just about every game using this game engine including Star Wars Battlegrounds.


Starcraft (1998)

- I liked building the large ships and obliterating all that stood in my way with them. I didn't really get into the multiplayer and I did not play it much.


WarZone 2100 (1999) (2011 for Warzone Project)

- It is now free to play and kinda fun. There is even a "portableapps.com" version.


Ground Control (2000)

- Awesome focus on tactics using suppresion fire, positioning, high-ground and flanking.


Homeworld: Cataclysm (2000)

- It was OK, but I never really got into it.


Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy (2000)

- I played this one over and over again. Well-protected brain bugs proved to be deadly to my team.

- Would still play the game to this very day.


Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds (2001)

- Basically, Age of Empires in Star Wars setting. Win!

- Would still play the game to this very day.


MechCommander 2 (2001)

- Fun stomping around and destroying all in your path. After playing the 1st-person versions, it was nice to play at a higher tactical view controlling multiple mechs.


Star Trek Armada 2 (2001)

- The was great fun, especially when modded to include Star Wars units. Only reason I'm not playing it today is due to the media being destroyed...kept the box though because it looked cool.

- Would still play the game to this very day.


Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising (2001)

- Great story backdrop and unique presentation as well as making you control a small force against a much larger and powerful force.

- Would still play the game to this very day.


Age of Mythology (2002)

- This had all the fun of the prior games but also with mythological creatures!


Rise of Nations (2003)

- Expansion at its best. Fun to see how quick you can expand...and keep your expansions.

- Would still play the game to this very day.


Command and Conquer: Generals (2003)

- Loved taking a single sniper and stealing a construction vehicle from each faction and causing havok on their economy.

- Would still play the game to this very day.


Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth (2004)

- A very fun game. I played it through several times.


Rome: Total War (2004)

- Using a smaller army to flank and conquer larger armies was awesome.


Star Wars: Empire at War (2006)

- Strategic overview, space and land battles. Was fun to see if I could keep a small force to defend a base against a much larger force.

- Would still play the game to this very day. I actually tried...however, I have misplaced the 1st CD of all my Star Wars games. I kept them all handy to "INSERT DISC" when necessary but after I moved homes, I don't know which box they are in! grrrr.


Supreme Commander (2007)

- Well, I installed it and played a tutorial map...but that was about it.


Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II (2009)

- I liked playing the marines and loved the animations such as the grab-n-crush melee attack.

- Would still play the game to this very day.


Spring RTS (2011)

- A new (and free) 3D strategy engine initially built as an upgrade to Total Annihilation. Various games are focused on multi-player but I can't wait for the day that Star Wars: Imperial Winter is released.

- Would still play the game to this very day.


Imperial Winter for Spring RTS is about the only RTS game that is on my radar.



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I played it but not nearly as much as the previous ones. I didn't like it when they did away with the walls. But that's about all I remember of that one.


EDIT: I might be wrong about the wall thing...I watched a few gameplay vids on YouTube and the game only seems vaguely familiar now. I can't even recall tactics I used in it. I think I'm getting it confused with another game around that time. I cannot remember the name of it but I think it was based on japanese warriors that could upgrade their units in the field and turn them into different things. Dang...I'm going to go nuts trying to remember that game now.

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Sounds like Red Alert 3 to me. That had Japan as a playable faction, and there were transforming units aplenty in that game. Only ever played the demo myself, didn't like where it took the series and never bought it. EA did away with walls as of C&C3 and that was that... it crippled defensive gameplay. Up until that point in the series, it was at least possible to slap a quick wall up until you could erect more substantial defenses... heck, Tiberian Sun even let you put down pavement in generous squares to keep subterranean units from popping up right next to important facilities.


Have to say that, despite the game not living up to its hype, Tiberian Sun was by far the strongest entry in the C&C series. It had the most options, a great random map generator, and the superweapons weren't stupidly overpowered as they were in every succeeding installment. Also, terrain deformation. I still haven't seen another RTS that had the feature... hell, few enough games in any genre have had that feature. It was brilliant in an RTS setting- you could use your supers and artillery to crater the landscape to prevent your enemy from expanding their base, or from replacing a particular structure. Great stuff. There were more natual hazards too- the vein hole could destroy tanks in its field unless it was killed, and you could bomb a field of blue tiberium and use it as an improvised minefield (or to cripple the economy of the guy harvesting it). Then there were ion storms... if you had those enabled, you'd get storms every few minutes that would disable flying units including hovercraft, shut down your radar, and cause random lightning strikes.


Cool to see someone else mention Homeworld... that's one community I really miss. I used to go by Ion_Fury on the Sierra forums before they got shut down... dunno if the Relic forums are still there or not; I only ever lurked in that side of the community. Endlessly exploitable for maximum fun potential, especially in SP... everyone had a different way of playing through- a few guys did strike craft only runs, zero loss runs, 'pure' runs (no salvaging except mission targets), a few others did salvage only runs and subsequently broke the game... Then there was the occasional pink fleet in multiplay- and if you know why that happened, you get a cookie. :thumbsup:

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