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Real-time Strategy


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Nah, it wasn't that. From what I remember, it was a handful of mean that you used to walk around a jungle / forest-like map. You start with peasant-like men, upgrade them to warriors, then double-bladed warrior or samurai, then to shogun and the like. It also had geishas that acted like healing centers and/or places where you can upgrade one or two men. The upgrade path created different units but once you started down one upgrade path, you couldn't go the other way with that unit. I think there were archers types, samurai types, spearmen.
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Trevor Chan's Seven Kingdoms. I've had to look up the release date - it was 1997. I loved it then and it's just about the only RTS I play (I still play Knights and Merchants very rarely - also ancient). 7K had a couple of sequels but I never liked them as much as the original. Chan gave 7K to the community so it's now play for free. It's always bundled up on Ubuntu and plays without hitch on Linux. For me, it's a bit like playing chess but against more opponents and with some economics thrown in.  The graphics of course are dated... 😀  

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