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Witcher 3 MODkit Update Released


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Can anyone assist me in getting the damn game uncooked fully?
I use latest mod kit, tried modkitchen, wolvenkit, w3oven, etc
I want to get models from the game, but i lack 90% of .w2rig files.
I've tried to unbundle with tools, unpack with QuickBMS, wolvenkit can't find em either.
Please, i wasted too much time and HDD space on this already...

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In response to post #61230647. #61513907, #62119382 are all replies on the same post.

KoalaNalle wrote: Direct link to (latest) ModKit 1.3:
seanimus448 wrote: Thanks.
vixnfox wrote: gracias

yea guys use this download link...

you will also need these two links

Not sure why anyone has put all these in one package - you cant even use the damn thing without them. I hope this helps
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