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Skywind is coming to Nexus Mods


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Radiarch wrote: Excellent! I'm holding out my first Morrowind playthrough for Skywind. Can't wait!
dawninglight1 wrote: its never being relese hate to tell you but its a troll, just do some reseach
jacovny wrote: Um... on what are you basing this? I've read a lot about the project, and haven't come across anything to indicate that this some sort of trick.
Genie44 wrote: i know,they even made a full website "https://tesrskywind.com" to fool us.man they are good.
cannedbread719 wrote: No it's a real thing, not some kind of trick
tosho52 wrote: lol im one of the volunteers i help with the map it takes time u try making it

It is not a troll.  They are having multiple posts on Facebook and on Youtube. I would recommend looking at those, and so far, they look amazing.
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Beerbeer007 wrote:
Something that isn't specified is if it's only compatible with Steam exclusive versions? or with the existing GOG copies?

"All legitimate installations of Morrowind and Skyrim are expected to work (including disc, GOG, Steam)."

It's right there on their website.
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Killerkraken96 wrote: I've waited for this since 2015, Its fake.
Valus2035 wrote: It's fake huh? Here's their website for you to explore. https://tesrskywind.com/faq/

Yeah, it's a small team developing a fully-fledged remake. People have no idea how hard video games are to produce and it's the reason games like Cyber Punk get rushed to the point of unplayability. Because some of you guys don't understand the damn process. Stop pressuring game devs, believe it or not, you'll like the product more if they take their time.
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