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The Snow Arena


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And so begins the MWSource Snow Arena Battle. Lets see how it turns out.


*Dark0ne turns on the huge universe icer, which subsequently creates snow covering all planets of the known universe.


On Earth...


*Dark0ne scoops a ball of snow and throws it at Theta, smacking her in the head, before digging a small bunker for protection

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*Peregrine throws a snowball at Dark0ne's legs, tripping him and sending him flying into his bunker, collapsing it on top of him*


*Peregrine makes another snowball and looks around daring anyone to fight back*

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*Dark0ne shakes it off, stealthily making his way behind Peregrine while he's looking for other victims. Quickly, he pulls his pants out and spits the snow from his fall down his pants before running off cackling!
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*calls on his comrades-in-snow, the Fifth Legion of teh Bunneh, Squad PinkPIE*


A snapshot of Squad PinkPIE:






*fortifies himself inside his icy fortress with Squad PinkPIE standing guard and starts preparing for battle*

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Hey! Why's everyone hate me today!?


*Peregrine shakes off the snow and pulls out radio*

*A few seconds later Peregrine's SnowArtillery9800 battery fires on Malchik, burying him under a mountain of snow*

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*Dark0ne calls upon his ring of snow creation +5, which creates a 5 minute long, continuous stream of snow from his finger straight on top of Malchik's already snow buried body!


Lets hope he has a snow plough! ;D

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