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What do you dislike the most?


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I dislike stupidity. The Nexus is becoming one of my sole refuges from it on the entire internet.


We just left a site where a member's dogs were falling flat on the floor every time the fire alarm went off in their house.


The site concluded the dogs had emotional problems and recommended counseling and Xanax.


For the dogs, not the owner.


Meanwhile, the hearing sensitivity of dogs is seven times that of humans.


Abject stupidity almost beyond belief. When did someone sneak in and steal our country's brain?

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That people think horror is just "BOO GOTCHA" jumpscares and crappy environments. We don't get anything that really creeps people out, stuff that sends chills down spines, stuff that is actually really good. Instead we get crap like Amnesia and Five Nights at Freddie's.
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I agree completely and nominate boogotcha as a new dictionary word. The last time I was genuinely creeped out by anything, other than the very top grade of boogotcha (e.g. the first "Alien" film) was "The Exorcist". The book, not the movie, which we found ourselves laughing at more often than being afraid of. IMO a good book easily outdoes a good film for creepout, because so much more is left to your own imagination and not spelled out for you and thus limited by seeing it.

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A school mate walked into the garden area and asked me to give him a hand. I was in the middle of the garden with my razorback shovel tilling the ground in preparation for the garden seeds. I said, and this is where he got me, I said, "Give me a hand..." Before I could finish what I was going to say he started clapping his hands. I thought he was serious and needed help with something. Later I found out he had skipped doing his chores. Instead he watched television in the morning, and learned a humorous way to go fooling with all his friends.


He departed, laughing all the way out of earshot, and I finished tilling the garden.

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Lack of common sense.


It's becoming prevalent, it seems.

Actually, most people have common sense. What they lack is GOOD sense.


> Common:
> 1. occurring, found, or done often; prevalent.
> "salt and pepper are the two most common seasonings"
> 2. common; showing a lack of taste and refinement; vulgar.
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People who use the anonymity of the internet to behave badly.




People who drive below the limit in the fast lane.


People who have the right of way and refuse to take it.


People who are convinced that melanin is a social stigma.


People who think they can dictate other peoples lives.


Sand in my jock strap.


People who think someone else's sexuality is their business.


People who insist on thinking in first person singular.


Taking out the garbage.


Jane Fonda.

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