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Whats your all time favorite RPG game.


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Oblivion :biggrin:


Because it has almost everything I want in a game: Open world, beauty, character customisation, tons of mods available, it's great fun and easy to make my own mods for it, it has a marvellous modding community, mounts, magic, fantasy, the Shivering Isles...I could go on and on.


Although there are things that I wish were in it (like interactive and peaceful skills similar to what Runescape has) it's as close to perfection to my taste as any game I've ever come across.



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Very tough matchup.


Morrowind is certainly worth a notice. It is one of, if not THE best RPG ever made.


My tastes are a bit broader though, and I still find it hard to not mention Kingdom Hearts II, Final Fantasy 7, Legend of Dragoon, and the first two Golden Sun games. Medieval (the skeleton one, not the RTS) too, perhaps.

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Morrowind, I've never been as immersed in any other game.


Needs a Like button. Pretty much sums it up for me too. Morrowind is tops for me. I was (and still am really) completely enthralled by it for months once I got the hang of the fundamentals.


There are a few others that are really close though, and they are:




3. Oblivion (modded)


4. Guild Wars


5. FF2 (IV Japan), FFX, FF8<---Still the best ending in video game history.


6. Breath of Fire 2


7. Suikoden 3


8. Shadowhearts 2


There's something about each one of these that I'll always remember, and so even with Morrowind being my favorite, the others are really close in their own ways and deserved a mention.

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I didn't actually finish Morrowind or Oblivion since that time I didn't have(own) the game, played Dragon Age:Origin once but hated it (talking to invincible character all the time!), so other than Skyrim, I'll say Witcher and Witcher 2~
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Morrowind. Other games come and go but Morrowind remains... its very telling in my opinion that one of the main impacts Skyrim has had on me is to get me to start compiling another Morrowind mod loadout for when I reinstall.


Not sure if it quite counts as an RPG, but Mount & Blade Warband has ensnared me, spent 200 hours on it in a matter of weeks when I got it... and some of the mods for it are incredible.

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For me, it is all but impossible to name one game above all others. Like most matters of taste, my choice depends on whatever else is going on in my life at the time of the answer. At the moment I'm playing Skyrim, and like many others, feel that Morrowind was the greatest thing ever in gaming history.


But is it really the best? I can't say for sure. I did immerse in it, in a way that has been rarely matched since. Oblivion, fully modded, came close, but in vanilla state - no contest. Oblivion loses. And so does Skyrim.


While I can't name one game to be the absolute favorite, there are some games, that I feel to stand head and shoulders above the rest, and this is (in no particular order) my list of such RPG games:


Ultima Underworld - the first one. While Labyrinth of Worlds was bigger and looked better, it didn't have the same impact as the first one.


Suikoden 2 - I like Suikoden games, each and everyone of them, but it's the second in the series that feels the "best" for me.


FF7, FF8, FF9 - was for me, a magical sequence of games, a time when It seemed Square could do nothing wrong. Each have their own reasons to be on my list, very different reasons, and it is really hard for me to say which one was the best.


Planescape: Torment - It's Planescape! What else needs to be said. And as and added bonus, it's also a really good game.


Morrowind - for reasons I doubt I need to mention


Daggerfall - is still the king of game space. over 60000 square miles of game world!


Kingdom Hearts - yeah, it's silly and cheezy, but so wot? It's also criminally charming.


Jagged Alliance 2: While some might not consider it to be an RPG, I feel it's about as much as any of the others I've mentioned, and it is a great game.


Ultima 7 part 2 - the high point of Ultima series in my opinion


Ultima IV - if you weren't there, I honestly don't think I can make you understand what is so great about this game. All I can say is that it was revolutionary in it's day.


Alternate reality: The Dungeon - Kinda like Ultima Underworld, just years ahead of it's time, coupled with that alien feel of Morrowind. That game rocked.


Xenogears - The one I tend to pick as my fav if I am forced to only choose one. It has everything. Exotic locales, truly epic storyline, great characters and a smashing soundtrack.


I'm sure I forgot some, but not listing Oblivion is intentional. Oblivion does not make the list. Modblivion does, but that's like saying your car model is the best car ever made, since you've customized yours out of the wazoo. And the same goes for Skyrim.




FF8<---Still the best ending in video game history.



Oh, I quite agree! It's just so heartwarming to watch. And I really liked how it gave a sense of closure to all the principal characters. Something that many games fail to do at all.

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