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Whats your all time favorite RPG game.


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Mine is Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. I friggin' love Malkavians... even if the game is buggy as hell. :tongue:


Don't get me wrong, Morrowind is definitely a close second!

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Well I loved Morrowind and still feel it was superior to Oblivion by far, but no game has kept me as long as Oblivion. I had hundreds of hours in that game as well as having modded with it and spent many hours with others mods. Does that mean I liked Oblivion more? I duno, but I suspect Skyrim will consume more of my time than Oblivion ever could have...so....maybe I like Skyrim more now.
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I would have to say my favorite RPG on the PC of all time would have to be The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall. Sure I played the crap out of The Elder Scrolls 1: Arena, but as massive as 1 was 2 was even bigger and badder I was just blown away! I have them both on a usb stick along with dosbox and play them both still from time to time. I'm totally impressed with Skyrim and can't wait for the real mods to start rolling in after the creation kits gets released. ;-D Edited by xaGe
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I would have to say Oblivion with some added mods. never really played morrowind much but like 5 hours lol. :rolleyes:

was a hard core 1st person shooter gamer then till oblivion was released and got my attention.

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