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Whats your all time favorite RPG game.


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Morrowind, good ol' times when i forgot there was a world outside too, never had the same experience with any other game after.


Second would be KOTOR1, loved it and still love it.


Oblivion - heavyly moded, no need to say anything more. :tongue:

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Dragon ageo: Origins

Breathe of fire 1 & 2

Chrono trigger

final fantasy 1 2 and 3

heavily modded Oblivion

The witcher 1, have yet to actually stick to witcher 2 as iv been jumping from game to game like crazy recently

would mention Skyrim, but as it is...i'm really bored of the game sadly..and have no urge to play it right now

not sure if this belongs in this group but iv heard it fits...S.T.A.L.K.E.R series is very good from what i hear, not played em but own SoC..had it for years, not played yet though



Here is a bonus that's not a list of rpg's but i feel i should mention because of the sheer amount of time iv played them and still do play them, love em


Diablo 2

Age of empires series ( not actually played Age of empire: Online though )

Age of Mythology series

Call of duty 4

Sacred 1 and sacred 2

warcraft 1 2 3, i completely ignored the whole WoW thing

some others too but i'll just stop now LOL

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I loved Morrowind but I never modded it and found it a little clumsy. A fully modded Oblivion was far more fun for me.


However, at the top of my list, and I'm surprised at how rarely it's been listed is the Baldur's Gate series. They were fantastic, humorous, and interesting given technology at the time. Minsk was hilarious, and that dude who would always say "You are right behind me, yes?"


I think a fully modded Skyrim has the potential to unseat my favorite, but only if the game doesn't start crashing 6 times an hour, like Oblivion. That will be my single deciding factor in loyalty to Bethesda after this.:confused:

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Might and Magic 7, damn I played that a lot. You got your own castle! and had to rebuild it more or less ^^ get help from the dwarfs to make it liveable, and later it got further upgraded when you choose side. That just felt epic back then.

But it wasn't the best RPG game, tho I found it awesome at the time.

Baldur's Gate 2, now that was a great RPG. You really felt you interacted with the NPCs in that game. Didnt play BG 1 before much later, and never really felt it was as good as BG 2 :( But BG 2 was awesome.


Then I got Morrowind and both expansions.

It almost had everything I liked from both MM7 and BG 2. Big open world, with lot of quests and stuff to do and interesting NPCs. It even had a stronghold! tho it didn't really feel as awesome as in MM7, because it was so damn hard to get to :( And the more I played it the more I felt like a "god among mere people", which made me feel like I progressed in life.

And then I got real internet, with no download limit, and found sites as file planet, tesnexus and other sites with mods. Blew me away completely with all the things you could change. And to this day still does.

So a big thanks for the modders for all the awesome mods you have released for Beth's games over the years :D


Sadly the interesting NPCs started to disappear in Oblivion :( and almost completely eradicated in Skyrim :( So Morrowind still is my favorite RPG game.


Final Fantasy X, Neverwinter Nights 1-2, KOTOR 1-2, Fallout 3, but not New Vegas, are also awesome games. But they dont come close to Morrowind.

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