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FO4 Modding Tutorial List


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Are there any good *non-youtube* tutorials that tell how to create workshop items?


For instance, I would like to retexure the barn walls to have a wide variety of colors, and be able to build them in workshop mode, while leaving the red barn walls alone. I know how to retexture, and should have the tools to do so, but getting them into game, and having them show up in the workshop mode is just eluding me (I do have the SMM how to create custom workshop menus tutorial, but that assumes you have basic knowledge of the CK, which is just above what I have).


I am a textual learner, and cannot learn by watching youtube videos (I really need to be able to read the steps, then try them out myself, then, if problems arise, go back and reread that section. Listening to someone else tell me how to do it just confuses me, and seeing someone else do it, just doesn't help).

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hello there,


I would like to make an overhaul change.

e.g. increase all loot/armor/weapon value by % whilst decreasing all misc value by %.


Needless to say I am using a huge mod list and doing that manually it's a killer.


Any ideas how can I do this?

I am proficient in Excel. I could perform this task immediately in XL or other worsksheet/XML editor.



Getting the Armor and Weapon List export/import it's actually the challenge.




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I've been trying to look for a tutorial on how to edit effect shaders and make new particle effects. There was one on the list that seemed like something close to what I wanted but its a dead link now.



Also, small side question: does anyone know how to make the preview window in the Effect Shader window work? I'm guessing it's supposed to be for testing shaders, but aside from being able to summon different models, it doesn't seem to do anything else.



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