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Tales of Faerun


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Welcome to the discussion thread for Tales of Faerun. Here, roleplayers may post their character sheets, put up pics of their characters, discuss the RP, and handle any other OOC (out of character) business.

*There should be no OOC posts in the RP thread itself.*

Tales of Faerun is a Forgotten Realms-based RP. You may know this worldspace from games such as Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Neverwinter Nights, or from book series such as The Legend of Drizzt or the War of the Spider Queen (there are countless others, these are just examples). This RP starts in 1378DR and will remain in 3.5 edition as an Alternate Universe-type setting.

Also, here are some general guidelines that should be followed when posting in Tales of Faerun, originally made by Lisnpuppy.

1) Have fun. If you are finding yourself always irritated or unhappy...then why are you here. Figure out the issue or go do something else.

2) Never forget the line between RP In Character and Out of Character and don't cross it. It is easy, especially when you have particularly intense RP, to take things personally. Don't....99% of the time it isn't all about you.

3) Start with a well made character. Have a decent background and personality to make your RP more fun and easier. Your character doesn't have to be set in stone. But having a solidly made character is important or your RP may peter out. Have your character have likes/dislikes, goals, dreams, an arch-enemy....this will help you flesh them out even more and bring them to life.

4) Relationship RP should be the ICING not the CAKE! Make it a side-quest if you will...not the main one.

5) You have to give a little to get a little. We all have RP storylines in which we want others to engage. That is what makes it fun, right? But if you find a friend knee-deep in a RP of their own, don't come in and hijack the RP for yourself or refuse to participate because its not all about YOU. Have fun and throw your lot in with them! Trust me, when your time comes around, people will remember that you play well with others.

6) Don't be a MaryJane! Don't decide that you are going to be a half-dragon or the long-lost illegitimate son of the King of Whoville. It doesn't work, it probably isn't in the lore anywhere, and it will lead only to your RP downfall. Eventually your “special” character will begin to dominate everyone else and their RP. No one will want to play with you...so make your character special in other ways.

7) No godmoding!! Remember, you only control YOUR character and not others. When you RP, do not take over the actions of other Rpers.

For example: Jon casts a frostbolt at Matt knocking him back into the wall and breaking his arms.

Instead try: Jon cast a frostbolt hoping to hit Matt and knocking him out of the way.

This allows the other player to take action. You can have decided before hand how this will go out. You can roll to see what actions happen or how bad an injury is.

8 )Soap Opera-ing. Many of us have wanted to play our character as crazy, a total badass or having an illness or amnesia. Those can all be valid and fun stories. The doom is in taking it too far or too long. These kind of stories ultimately leave little RP options for those around you. Always have movement and a goal in your RP...otherwise it goes nowhere.

9) Be willing to RP with anyone, anytime. Just because you are in a guild or Rping with a friend doesn't mean you can't include others. Walk-Up RP can lead to great things...or simply pass the time for a bit. If others don't RP EXACTLY like you...no sweat. Perhaps they are new and need some gentle guidance. So be open to everything!

10) Communication is the key. Always establish your RP boundaries when you are Rping with someone long-term. If you don't like swearing...or a particular kind of violence...or if you will take anything coming down the pike! Let others know. It avoids awkward and unpleasant conversations later.

A few more rules to add:

11) There are to be no other Chosen characters besides Rhaine. The reason behind this is not for me to be a power-hog or to put a damper on your creativity, but to keep the power level of the group in check. Rhaine was Chosen (in my head) many years before the RP began. I keep her power under control so that she doesn't outshine any of the other characters. I understand you might desire to have a Chosen of your own, but the likelihood of multiple Chosen ever being in the same party at the same time is slim to none. Having a whole party full of Chosen would completely negate any struggles along the way. There would only be triumphs...and where's the fun in that? :tongue:

12) Rulers of cities are not allowed. It makes little sense for a character to be a ruler of a city and an adventurer at the same time.

13) No teleportation. For one thing, it can get really OP very quickly. For another, it causes pandemonium.

14) Gods are to be used for cameos and advice only. They are never to be used in a combat situation and cannot act on behalf of their followers.

15) No strong sexual content. Just because your character/characters are in a relationship it doesn't mean that everyone wants to read what they are doing in their private time.

16) New members to the RP will be limited to ONE main character. This is to make it easier on both the current writers and the new members. Once a new member gets used to the writing style and flow of the RP, they may have their cap raised to six.


17) All members are expected to post in three weeks' time. Members who do not post within three weeks of their last one without mentioning RL issues, etc. will be removed from the RP. If something arises that keeps a member from the RP, they can just let either myself or Nighty know, and that member will be excused from posting until he or she can officially return.


The main character limit is SIX. No more than that. Members who have more than six prior to the creation of this lower cap may keep their all of their current characters, BUT may not create any more until their count drops below six again.


Members who do already have six or more should seriously consider weeding out characters that are difficult to get into or have little to no interaction with others. There are some extras floating around in the character sheet section and in the RP itself that are, essentially, dead weight. Additionally, future-made characters should be carefully made so that they don't become dead weight.


Side characters are allowed, but they must be in and out very quickly...no becoming a permanent part of the story.

Nightshade715 and I are co-founders for this RP, and thus, we share the right to enforce the rules.

Additionally, it is important (not to mention courteous) to take turns posting. If you are waiting on a roleplayer to interact with you, and they have not posted in a few days, PM them...they may be busy or may have simply forgotten that it was his or her turn to post. Please be considerate. :smile:

Welcome to the RP, and have fun! :smile: When you're ready to post, head over here.

When your character sheet is approved, you can head on over here to post your finalized sheet (that way it is easy to keep track of them).

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Wow. That was quick. :laugh: I will also add some links for people who are unfamiliar with Forgotten Realms setting. :thumbsup:


Best source of information is The Forgotten Realms Wiki Page. Here you will find various info about various races who inhabits Faerûn, classes, alignments, deities, locations and many more useful information.


Note: Certain classes has race or alignment restrictions so please do pay attention to those.

For example: Only dwarves can be Dwarven Defenders and only of evil alignment characters can be assassins.


And an example of character sheet:














Place of Origin:












If you have any questions or need some help, please ask away. :thumbsup:

Have fun!

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One question, did the Spellplague happen? Plus this might not be the best, my history with the Forgotten Realms is kinda rusty.


Name: Norgold Paneak


Race: Shield Dwarf


Age: 150


Class: Shielding Cleric


Alignment: Neutral Good


Deity: Dumathoin


Place of Origin: Damara, Heliogabalus


Appearance: Like most Shield Dwarfs, he's the average height of 4'9, Bald with a black greyish longish beard, split braided. Silvery blue eyes,


Armor/Clothing: Preferring light armor, he wears a light grey robe, with a blue trim. He also wears light leather boots, He does wear a assortment of rings, but mostly the rings are for show. His necklace is his Holy Symbol to his god, Dumathoin.


Weapon: His main weapon is a Steel Mace, with a Dwarven shield, specially gifted from his god. The shield itself isn't magical, but it's incredibly tough.


Personality: He is lighthearted, he generally is nice to people. Even when they are evil and cruel to him. Also, he was a good sense of humor and likes to help people in the time of need.


History: Being born to a heavily religious family, Norgold was introduced to the church at a vary young age, as he continued to grow he started taking classes to become a Priest himself, but one day a robber came and killed his family while he was at class. He changed his ways to become a Cleric, so that no-one would be hurt while he was away or gone. Even though revenge is still deep in his heart, he has forgiven the robber, since he was probably poor and need some money. As he finally finished his studies. He sent on to a life of Adventure, spreading the word of Dumathoin.

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Very nice character sheet! :thumbsup: And no, this is before Spellplague. We both forgot to mention that the RP takes place after the events of Mask of the Betrayer.


Name: Nawen Mithrilaxe Relve'fer


Race: Drow


Age: 26


Class: Ranger


Alignment: Chaotic Good


Deity: Mielikki


Place of Origin: Underdark/Icewind Dale


Appearance: Expect for her emerald colored eyes and slightly lighter shade of grey skin color, Nawen looks like any other drow female. Beautiful, with long white hair. Nawen is 5'4 tall and her figure is rather petite.


Armor/Clothing: To help her remain undetected in the wilds Nawen usually wears clothing and armor of brown and green colors. She wears light, mostly leather armors and whenever she's in cities you can see her wearing brown cloak.


Weapon: Nawen always carries a simple duskwood bow and two beautiful short swords that were made especially for her by her foster father.


Personality: Nawen, unlike other drow is kind-hearted and polite. Because she was raised by dwarves she is also stubborn, hardy and tenacious. The only thing she has in common with her dark elven kin is distrust but only to strangers.


History: Nawen was left by her real parents in the wilds of Icewind Dale when she was just a baby. A dwarven weaponsmith and former Dwarven Defender, Dhulgar of Mithrilaxe clan found her and took pity on the girl and took her to his clan. She was raised by Dhulgar, his wife Arida alongside with their own son Khalin. When Nawen was twenty two years old she met a human sorcerer and a good friend of her father, Illius. The human was looking for the followers of Goddess Mielikki and few months after his arrival, Nawen left the dwarven clanhold and ventured to the Neverwinter Wood where she stayed for few years but her heart yearned for adventures so she left the chapel and went to explore The Realms and look for adventures.

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Name: Rhaine Alcinea

Race: Half-Elf

Age: 23

Class: Paladin/Favored Soul/Doomguide [Chosen]

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Deity: Kelemvor

Place of Origin: West Harbor/Waterdeep/Neverwinter, Sword Coast North

Appearance: Long, auburn hair and sharp, emerald green eyes. A slight golden tint to her creamy skin suggests Sun Elven heritage. Springing from between her shoulder blades are a pair of black feathered wings, shimmering with a green iridescence.

Armor/Clothing: Her armor is a special suit of mithral plate, made by the dwarves of the Ironfist clan and designed with her wings in mind. She rarely wears the full set, usually exchanging the cuisses and greaves for a pair of loose black breeches and leather boots. When out of armor, she wears her standard priestess garb of brown and black robes.

Weapon: Rhaine's only weapon is her bastard sword, Touch of Death. It is a simply designed, yet beautiful blade, with a black scabbard and hilt. A single, octagonal peridot adorns the pommel.

Personality: Rhaine is very quiet by nature. She is generally slow to anger, but her temper can be triggered by certain actions or phrases. She enjoys company and talking with friends, but such things are becoming a rarity. She is somewhat guarded when it comes to her past - she only reveals her experiences to those who earn her trust. Once one does earn that trust, however, it lasts a lifetime. She goes out of her way to protect her allies and those who cannot defend themselves.

History: Rhaine is the Chosen of Kelemvor, a fact she only discovered within the past year. It is something that is taking her a little bit to get used to - it's not everyday that the gods paint a massive target on one's back. She considers it an honor, but she is unsure where this path will lead her, and such uncertainty makes her a little uncomfortable.

With this Chosen status, Rhaine no longer ages, and she has the ability to see the souls of those around her if she so chooses (she can tell a person's deity and degree of faithfulness by the color and intensity of their auras).

Rhaine is formerly the Knight Captain of Crossroad Keep, having defeated the King of Shadows roughly four years previous. Another little-known fact is that she was also the Spirit-Eater of Rashemen.

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Rhaine has wings? Lol I never noticed that. http://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/x/xd.gif This is so awesome!


Yep, all Favored Souls get them at about level 14 or so.

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Awesome. Maybe I'll have to create another character and make him/her a Favored Soul too. :D I like wings. XD


And just a small I guess reminder. Nawen always wears a cloak whenever she's in the city and obviously she doesn't like fighting much so she hides her skin as much as possible so you can't really tell that she's a drow. :biggrin:

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Awesome. Maybe I'll have to create another character and make him/her a Favored Soul too. :D I like wings. XD


And just a small I guess reminder. Nawen always wears a cloak whenever she's in the city and obviously she doesn't like fighting much so she hides her skin as much as possible so you can't really tell that she's a drow. :biggrin:


The wings don't happen in NWN2. It's just a general D&D thing. Why they left them out of the game, I'll never know. It wouldn't have been that hard to implement. :rolleyes:

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