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Fallout 76 No Mods


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i do not think this is true

1, that will annoy a lot of the players

2,they have https://bethesda.net/en/mods they may use that for the official way to get mods



The potential reasons are manifest. For one thing, the game may not need to rely too heavily on mods if it includes, for example, a dynamic online world. There is also the possibility of Bethesda moving things entirely to its official platform from now on. However, the user who provided the leak suggests that Bethesda will "sell it as a security thing." Whichever way it ends up, it appears that all Fallout 76 mods will go through official channels.

i believe there is no security risk in using mods from a reputable site like nexusmods

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If the rumors are true and it going to be an online multiplayer game then it does make sense to not permit mods as it would lead to cheating. Another reason that I am not exited about the new change of direction for Bethesda. Sorry Bethesda.



The Rabbit

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I agree with Rabbit

if it's an online game , you can't allow for mods , as it would either break the game or unbalance it for different users

however , they can surely make their own "mods" and sell them for the low price of whatever the hell they want (so yeah , you can probably expect the Creation Club to return , though probably only have official content added)


of course , with this game being a multiplayer , I honestly have to ask who cares about it?

I mean , Fallout has already lost most of the RPG elements to it , but turning it into a multiplayer base builder game? do people actually want something like this?

what will we get , Fallout battle royal recreating what Fortnite has done? this doesn't sound like a game most Fallout fans would really care about , nor does it sound like a game meant to be modded (though they can still sell you skins and such , like in every other multiplayer game)


whatever the case , it will take years for us to get another Elder Scrolls or Fallout game , so let us just enjoy seeing Bethesda messing another game up , and making their fans really angry

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there is a way to have mods and multiplayer just look at how minecraft handles mods

1 when the player connects to a server that has no mods and the player has mods install they will get an error saying you will need to disable you you mods to play on that server

2 player connects to a server that has mods and the player has missing mods or the player has newer or older mods installed then player will get a message saying you need to install the following mods or the server is running an older / newer version of the following mods minecraft is a single player game and multiplayer and that game has mods

as long as the online is optional and i can play offline and there is a single player game i will get the game but if there is optional coop that may be fun

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it is true that you can have mods in a multiplayer game , but that could lead to issues

and I'm not so sure they are going for a minecraft style experience

I don't know what kind of game this is supposed to be , but I really doubt it will have any single player part , or an actual campaign

it seems like they are going for an online experience , which isn't the first time this has been suggested (there was supposed to be an online Fallout game years ago , but it got canceled , can't remember what it was all about though)

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Conan Exiles is a single player/server based multiplayer survival game and it is still moddable. So "online" and "moddable" are not mutually exclusive.

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The problem is that games like Minecraft and Conan Exiles have custom servers / player-run servers. That is why mods work in those games in multiplayer. Fallout 76 will likely not have player-run servers - especially on consoles. Thus, mods simply will not work outside of potential Creation Club mods developed to run on the official servers.

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We don't know much about Fallout 76 and most of the rumors sounds false to me anyways. We might be able to mod Fallout 76 just fine because it could be more of an co-op online game, rather than online matchmaking or MMO, which I think is more reasonable and more likely to be, since this is still a BGS game.


So, I recommend just wait and see. E3 isn't that far away so we'll learn what's going on very soon. Then I recommend getting mad or happy based on that experience.

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Just because they make a non-moddable game (especially if it is multi-player) does not mean everything in the future will go that way. They know they have a huge, single-player fan base. But this is a possible untapped market for them.


But please, continue to speculate and toss some gasoline on that fire. :laugh:

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