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Fallout 76 No Mods


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The problem is that games like Minecraft and Conan Exiles have custom servers / player-run servers. That is why mods work in those games in multiplayer. Fallout 76 will likely not have player-run servers - especially on consoles. Thus, mods simply will not work outside of potential Creation Club mods developed to run on the official servers.


Although it's fair enough to say that any mod friendly F76 server will not exactly be hospitable to mods the likes of the infamous FiveM in GTAO. That mod alone is a solid reason for a ban on any type of mods in a competitive online game. Regardless of whether the game is PvE or PvP in nature.

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Of course, but it is very unlikely that players will be able to run servers. I imagine the multiplayer element is going to be run by Bethesda / Xbox Live / PlayStation Network, which would likely mean no server-side mods.

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Whether it's moddable or not i'm still gonna give it a chance, everyone hated the concept of ESO before it came out but I stayed on the fence and now i've probably logged nearly as many hours on it as much as the single player games because it's a really good game. Giving FO a chance at any kind of multiplayer aspect is welcome in my view even if it's not necessarily a proper MMO, but I would put money on it being a success whatever happens.


Plus I stopped making mods ages ago so the burden is no longer on my hands to make anything :laugh:


EDIT: After seeing the official preview my opinion is that the game will be more like State of Decay than anything else.

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Wait a second, were you watching the same thing as I was? Todd specifically stated in the presentation that you could still play Fallout76 by yourself, meaning co-op wasn't the only option.

Yes, I was also watching the same thing you were. They also said you could play Elder Scrolls Online "single-player" too back in the day. When they say "single-player" in that context what they mean is playing the online game solo. And "Fallout 76 is entirely online." BE3 Source Video (skipped to the relevant part).

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