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  1. Hello people

    1. Pagafyr


      Hello! Lisnpuppy.  I remembered a post about being under your house while your dog and I waited for you to stop flipping tables one day.  LOL

  2. Lisnpuppy

    New here!

    Hello and welcome
  3. Hope anyone impacted by the storms from a few days ago in the Eastern US and ok.  We had lost power for two days (but have a generator thank goodness.)  

  4. Hey! Does anyone know if there is a Poser Hotkeys Plus pose mod that has a kneeling pose. I am fairly sure regular Skyrim had one (Halo maybe?) but I can not find one that adds this pose. Like a kneeling down on one knee thing. I know there is a Bow for Me mod but I am wondering if there is a Poser one? Thanks!
  5. I kinda wish the weather would make up its damn mind!   A few weeks ago there was snow them three days later 60F and sunny.......

  6. I think mine was about $30-$40 dollars at the time too. So it really was a bargain and remains so for as many things as I download.
  7. It's the middle, pointer finger and thumb and the impingement is in the nerves in your wrist. If you have numbness on the pinky finger and ring finger it is an impingement in the elbow. My husband works in Workers Comp claims and I worked for years in medical payments claims so we learn alot! lol
  8. New Year, same everything?


  9. I got my lifetime membership back in....um...2009 maybe? It was alot cheaper then! lol That being said, I would have gotten one anyway due to being a former moderator. That is a lovely gift given for service rendered. I also hate ads so it was a win win with faster DL speeds also.
  10. Yeah, kinda need the game. That being said lots of games have these and if you are talking about a Beth game then you will be spoiled for choice. Just let us know the game and we'd be happy to help or refer you to the porper section to ask more.
  11. Here since 2008 and two stints as a moderator. lol I just turned 52 so when I came here I was 37 and my daughter was 10... Man now I feel old :laugh:
  12. I thank you, I did have a good birthday and 20th anniversary. As to your post..... I'm not really interested in trying to argue the points here (again) or if my analogies were false equivalence or not. Really, none of that is the point or ultimately important. The only facts are 1) the ToS of the site (and I helped write an older version of them so they haven't changed) are clear on this. You report and move on. I don't think the OP was only talking about the debates section though as this has cropped up all over the forums as of late. They can correct me if I am wrong (though that is kind of irrelevant also.) The debates sections have few rules and go mostly un-monitored unless a report is made. 2) Robin has made this even more clear by specifically requesting these matters be left to staff by reporting them. What else is there to know? If you do not agree that something was moderated correctly, there is recourse for that *points to ToS*. If you do not agree with the decision on how these matters are to be handled there is a way to handle that too. I like to believe I was fair in my moderation dealings with both members and mod authors, who sometimes are at odds. I tried to apply the rules consistently because I like when I am dealt with consistently. I'd hate to see someone run afoul of the rules when they were trying to stand up to something clearly wrong. This is not a "free speech" place. It is a private site and someone's membership cost only entitles them to the rights and privileges agreed in the ToS that everyone agrees to when they join the site, pay or not. I guess y'all gotta do what you gotta do. But that could be against not only the wishes of the site owner but the ToS. I also know from years of experience as a former moderator and long time member, that engaging only gives these people a louder voice and more opportunity to spew their vile words. Do I think people's time could be better spent in real world actions than arguing this crap on a gaming site? Yes. That isn't anything other than a 52 year old mother of three telling others my experience. If you think I have never raged against the machine, you'd be wrong. See, I have had 68 surgeries on my vocal cords and sound like ET with a country accent. I've fought crap people all my life. I've also learned that some time, you have to pick your battles. Sometimes a surgical strike is better than screaming into the wind. I had to learn that the hard way. I hope that none of you have to do that. I do wish to thank you, Fokke, for making your arguments in a polite way and trying to support your arguments with details and not just screaming. I really do appreciate that. However, I have said the same thing over and over and this is not a battle I am interested in picking. The rules are clear. The rest is up to you.
  13. Hi! I love your hair in your profile pic
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