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We're Hiring: Front End Designer/Developer Position


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In response to post #65330951.

Pelopida wrote: Do you also take into consideration people with no actual on-field professional experience?


As this is a senior position we are looking for someone with prior working experience in the field.
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In response to post #64694831. #64795231, #64795421, #64799066 are all replies on the same post.

IvorBoone wrote: Tempted to apply... But I'm definitely not going to relocate to the UK.
Dark0ne wrote: Then don't bother applying, thanks! :)
DaedalusMachina007 wrote: Not a nice way to respond to someone who literally 'supports' Nexus with a supporter tag & associated monetary payment.
Dark0ne wrote: It's absolutely the way to respond based on the criteria of the job posting. We do not want people applying for the position who do not fit the criteria we have specified.

You don't waste an Employer time on an application that no merit. Or get thrown cos you left your qualification on last page, & guess what you didn't quality.

That simply show your not right for the job & totally unprofessional, possible idiotic, with a poor grasp of circumstances.

I have the skill for this, but I live in Australia... Best of luck to those lucky enough to be considered, may the best person win. ha ha (Gimme)
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I'm interested in how you guys feel politically. I realize silicon valley and a LOT of the US's tech field has gone uncomfortably left. . . Following feminist dogma to an unhealthy degree.


I'm a black male who has gone from left to moderate because of it.


How would I fit in with Nexusmods?

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