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Games That Can Last Hours


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Darkest dungeon (with all DLCs ), Skyrim SE, Fallout 4, Civilization 5 and cities skylines.


I like these games and I can easily get 500 hours on each of these games within 9-16 years (in my own leisure.)

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@FlyIgnite; You don't say what sort of games you like, so suggestions from the peanut gallery can be wildly off the mark. If RPGs are attractive to you, I recommend two different ones. Not individual games, but two series. (1) Dragon Age; "Swords & Sorcery/Dungeons & Dragons", and (2) Mass Effect; "Science Fiction/Space Adventures". Either is good for 500+ hours with all the DLC. (And that's even without the much-maligned fourth installment of the ME-series, Andromeda.) Both are available fairly cheaply on the Origin Store in various "Trilogy", "GotY" or "Ultimate Editions". But you would have to prefer BioWare's "story and character driven" approach over FPS or straight "action" games.


For some perspective, the only BethSoft game I've ever played was Skyrim, and I got so bored after completing 100 hours and 30% of the achievements that I never played it again. Just didn't care about any of the characters or the main plot. Had a slightly different experience with "Tomb Raider - 2013". Thought it was a ton of fun the first time through, but couldn't muster any enthusiasm for a second go. By contrast, I've completed dozens of playthroughs of each of the above series. And I do mean dozens. And I do mean of the entire series. One reason for that is the ability to change the protagonist each time: whether completely, as is possible in DA:O and DA:I, or simply in "class" and "tone", as in DA2 and the ME-series. And because they are so character-focused with so much dialogue, I hear new things every single time.

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The Witcher 3 - The wild hunt with the expansions. And Kingdom Comes Deliverance. But the latter are only interesting if you can munster a lot of patienence learning to how to fight properly? If not? you will probably soon get tired of it. Just only the tutorial are hard.

Both games have mods here at Nexus.

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I am at 116 hours into Assassin's Creed Odyssey and I think it will get to 200.

The game plays like a Witcher 3 clone and you can play a male or female character.


I put 220 hours in Battletech and plan on doing more.


The best games for hours played is Skyrim and Fallout 4.

I have 9535 hours in Skyrim, 1303 in Skyrim SE and 5194 in fallout 4.

Thanks to this web site.

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Any Total War series. My favorite is Total War: Medieval 2. Otherwise, Homeworld series would be another with endless skirmishes. If you can pick up an original Homeworld games then play that. Otherwise, there is a remake on steam. They are vastly different from the original but there are community trying to fix that.

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