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Tutorials WITHOUT "youtoob"


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There is no "full description" that I know of. However, to work with DLCs what I said is the "full description". One can go a step further and set bAllowMultipleEditors=1 in the [General] section (it already exists just change the value) so that a working plugin can be open while having viewing plugins open to learn from etc...

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Thank you so much for that input ishara - guess i can mod DLCs from now on as well

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One thing i found to be helpful is the hot-loading of plugins - so one works in the CK and has the loaded plugin in Skyrim at the same time without closing and opening both all the time. Couldnt find a description in here yet - so here it is:


· Load the Creation Kit as normal. Load your plugin (or create a new one)
· In this example, we’ll pretend our active plugin is “nifty.esp”
· Launch Skyrim as normal.
· Make some changes in the Creation Kit, such as moving or adding a static.
· In-game, open the console (~) and enter the command: “FCF

o This step only applies if you loaded nifty.esp in the Data files section of the launcher

o This only has to be done once per boot of the game.

o FCF is shorthand for “force close files”, and allows the Creation Kit to save a loaded plugin

· Return to the creation kit and save nifty.esp
· Return to the game. If possible, position yourself where you’ll notice your changes.
· Open the console and enter: “HLP nifty” (or the name of your .esp file)

o HLP is shorthand for “Hotload plugin”

· The scene will re-load. Your changes show now be visible in-game!


The original thread describing this can be found here

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That's nice but it is "experimental" and stated to possibly not work with some types of records.


I'd rather be certain that all aspects are loaded

-- Leave the CK open.

-- Launch Skyrim & test the mod.

-- Exit the game.

-- Make any changes as necessary to the mod in the CK.


It is the loading of the CK that takes up time. Getting in and out of the game takes no time at all.

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As long as you keep to the 'confirmed' parts it works just like a charm. Thats why i gave the entire link - the 3rd or 4th post lists all confirmed objects and forms. Its after all the Bethesda guys themselves who use it that way and passing on the tip for it

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It's me again. I have watched a lot of youtube videos. The ones that actually did a good job were interpreted by me

and put into document .odt form. Also I used clipmate. .ODT is open office and can be used as .doc as well.


Included are:


Quest Creation. Story manager.

Home Purchase or decorate.

Create a vendor

Create a follower housecarl or companion

Create Weapon Rack and put items on rack

Create a Mannequin (use warehouse or do it from scratch).

Create a book or a note.

Create message box with conditions.

Create a mining node.

create package for npc

Create Traps, prefab, button, door


Create Falmer race that talks

Events & Triggers

Add Map Marker during a quest

Make NPC do a task

Portals and Room Bounds

Inventory (add or remove)

Get Actor Values like Health

Toggle Activators

Re animation, summoning, tet time, spell casting, ghost effcts


Basically I did some myself and got the rest of the information from different sources and put them all in ONE place.


ONE big difference: Even though there are links with scripts, I also did a paint by the number approach and told

the user WHERE to click. Step by step, NOT discussing scripts or their functions.


So if anyone is interested *I didn't want to 'plug' unless people are interested*.

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Ongoing how to in Clipmate, openoffice. etc..

It has links to videos, yes....but mostly they are TEXT/ODT/Clips of

how to do it step by step. They refer to scripts and ideas from wiki

and creationkit.com I also contributed. They are consolidated

so people will join me and we can create a larger library.

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Can you guys help me out? I know you must get this a lot but, i used NWW to downlaod all my stuff to, I have them all installed and "ready," but when i launch my Skyrim it wont even recigvize the changes, like it's totally oblivious to the fact I even did anything, including the Added Races, like Dryad and Lunari. It simply doesn't show up anywhere, and no matter how many videos i watch, nothing like this comes up. Do you know whats going on? )=

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