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Tutorials WITHOUT "youtoob"


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Creating Dragon Priest Busts

It is assumed that the reader has basic understanding of how the creation kit works.


Dragon Mask Busts are different from Dragon Claws. While dragon claws are either enabled/disabled, the mask busts themselves has two different animation-states. What this means is that the busts either displays an empty bust or a bust with a mask attached, depending on which animation-state they are currently in. As such, you don't need to place any fake masks like you did with the dragon claws.


Adding Dragon Priest Mask Busts is a lot more simple than Dragon Claws; all you really need to do is copy-paste them and modify the script properties.


- In the Cell View Window, open up LabyrinthianPriestSanctuary.


- Make sure markers are turned on; Highlight the render window and press 'M'. This will toogle markers on/off, so if things appear you just enabled markers. If stuff disappears, press 'M' again.


- To make the copying process easier, we're gonna hide a bunch of stuff in the cell. This is done by selecting object(s) in the render window and double-tapping '1'. You want to hide pretty much everything but the nine busts and their corresponding trigger box (eight red boxes and one orange). Once you feel like you've hidden enough continue to the next step.


- Select every bust and their trigger box, either by dragging your mouse while holding down the left mouse button, or by holding down the Ctrl-key and clicking each object once. Once the 18 objects are selected, press Ctrl+C.


- Change cell to your house. Move to where you want your busts and press Ctrl+V. A copy of everything you copied should appear. Move the busts to a desired position, make it look nice. Don't forget to move the trigger box as well!


- To prevent potential bugs, we must first modify the script properties of the red trigger boxes (i.e all the ones but Konariks). Double click the trigger boxes in the render window, then navigate to the scripts tab. There should be a script called "dunLabyrinthianMaskBustSCRIPT" in the list. Right click and select edit properties. Find the myIndex-variable in the list and change its value to -1. Press OK. Press OK. Do this for all the red boxes.


- Double click the orange trigger box (Konariks bust trigger). Again, navigate to the scripts tab. Right click the script in the list and select edit properties. Click the myBustActivator in the list. Press the "Select Reference in Render window"-button. Your mouse cursor is now transformed into a cross. Double-click the Bust of Konariks mask. Press OK. Press OK.


- Save.


Thats it! You should now have working busts.

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Don't know if it's the right place (sorry if isn't), but i need a little help on a custom skeleton file for a redone creature, it's just only a replace of bones position, but when I export the .kf-.nif file all the skeleton are gone, i've already tried to check all the right options on the export window from 3D studio Max, but nothing, any suggest?
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Don't know if it's the right place (sorry if isn't), but i need a little help on a custom skeleton file for a redone creature, it's just only a replace of bones position, but when I export the .kf-.nif file all the skeleton are gone, i've already tried to check all the right options on the export window from 3D studio Max, but nothing, any suggest?

Dark, can you give a little more info? What are you doing with the bones? Are you creating new bones or moving existing bones to new locations? Are you "nudging" out of place bones into better alignment?




can somebody give me a link/tutorial on how to change the charge of an enchented item

TLDR, I'm not exactly sure what you're asking either, but, when you make the item, in the "Weapon" window, with the Game Data tab selected, you'll see:



Enchanting (with a drop-down)



Template (with a drop-down)


Play with the value in the "Enchantment" window. For instance for the Wabbajack, that value is 3000 and for Dawnbreaker, it's 5000. I *think* that's the value you change to alter the number of charges the item has. I'm trying it out this week to see. If you try it out, post and let us know if that was the correct value to change.





Okay, I requested this at separate thread earlier and I guess it was sort-of-mistake. (Nobody paid attention :( )


Anyway, I'd appreciate to see text- based tutorial on how to make armor mashups in 3ds Max.

I just always mess something up, could believe it's the exporting part, or something else.

And for those who have need to ask stupid questions "Y u no watch nighsay!?", my native language is not english.

I can understand english text much better than talking. (Especially when mic quality is not good and so)

Personally, when I do a "mash-up" such as what you're mentioning, this is my work flow:

Export the NIF for Thing One

Export the NIF for Thing Two


Alter Thing One in my modelling program

Alter Thing Two in my modelling program


Export each item as an OBJ or 3DS file, and NOT a NIF file


Go back to NifSkope and open an item similar to what I want

Duplicate relevant branch and import Thing One into it, copying all relevant data

Delete the ORIGINAL branch that Thing One replaced


Repeat that step with Thing Two


Export the whole thing, then re-import it into a "clean" instance of NifSkope in the usual manner for such things

Texture it -- Which may include making my own texture, and may also include editing the UV files within NifSkope.


This post, on another thread, may also help you.



Also --

To all of us out there looking for tutorials, answers to questions, and so forth -- Be patient with the people who take the time to answer you. Remember, not everyone speaks, reads, or writes the same language. If you don't understand what someone has written, then by all means, try contacting the person in a private message or something, and ASK! Most folks are quite willing to explain more, or to help you with problems or questions relating to something they've written.


To those of us out there who write tutorials, answer questions, and so forth -- Be patient with yourself as well as the people asking questions. Write your stuff in a word processing program that lets you check spelling AND grammar. Remember, if someone is trying to translate your work into a language they can read, even minor errors such as "its" (possessive neuter) versus "it's" (contraction of It and Is) or "affect" and "effect", and so on, can render a given sentence completely unintelligible.

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Dark, can you give a little more info? What are you doing with the bones? Are you creating new bones or moving existing bones to new locations? Are you "nudging" out of place bones into better alignment?



Sure and thank you for the replay, so I'm "trying" to moving the existing bones without destroying the connect between the nodes, it's just a rotation and a resize of they, someone told me that it's enough NifSkope for that, but I'm not sure because every movement of meshes parts on it it's resulted useless in my past experience and nifskope didn't load the skeleton with a creature mesh instead of the 3D Max .nif plug-in, in any case i tried on 3D Studio Max and nothing, all the bones are disappeared after the exporting.

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Someone should really fix the massive spelling error in the title, if spelling and grammar is so important in tutorials.

LOL Why?


People use noob instead of newb. Noob is the deragatory form of newb. Whilest newb is the shortened form of newbie. With that under consideration, youtoob could also be used as a deragatory form of youtube. Also note that youtoob is within quotes, this was most likely done to set it apart as an intended misspelling.


As for the real reason, you'll have to ask the topic starter....

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The so-called "massive spelling error" in the thread title is, I assure you, deliberate. It is meant to A) Avoid any conflicts of copyright and trademark usage and B) provide a little humour, as should have been clearly evidenced by the quotation marks.


Not to put too fine a point on it, I was an English major, and I am a published author of both technical manuals and textbooks, and fiction novels, and I generally know what I am doing when I create titles.

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Video Tutorials:

  2. Low resolution makes identifying things (especially text) almost impossible
  3. Rushed along as if the viewer already knows everything as well as the tutorial maker does
  4. Takes many things for granted that the viewer might not be aware of
  5. Cannot be easily accessed while you're actually working with the CK


Text Tutorials


  2. None of the above
  3. Text FTW!


That about sums it up, at least for me. I find video tutorials to be practically useless and only watch one if I absolutely cannot find a text-based tutorial. I loved college professors who didn't care if you attended lectures, as long as you could pass the tests. That's what textbooks are for. Give me the Written Word and I'm a happy puppy. Other people's mileage will differ, but that's my own personal take on it.


I've actually seen some very well done video tutorials, obviously well-planned and executed, but these seem to be few and far between. Most seem to be hastily done, the instructor isn't following a script that includes every necessary step, and just zips along at lightspeed without regard for the fact that people need time to digest actions before going on to another.


I'm amazed that a few people in this thread decided to make comments totally out of this topic's context, criticizing you for, apparently, even starting a non-video tutorial topic in the first place. If they're so hung-up on video tutorials, then let someone make a separate thread. Everyone to each his own. I'm not hearing-impaired. I am, however, visually impaired, and the almost universal low quality of the video in video tutorials makes it nearly impossible for me to follow what going on. At least I can blow text up to a size that is readable for me on my large, widescreen monitor. I can't do that with 400 x 600 videos, or whatever the standard is these days.


Some of us just don't like video tutorials. If it's a tutorial showing how to get somewhere in the game, that might be a different thing, but when you're trying to follow the instructor through a maze of menu selections things can get confusing in a hurry, and your only recourse is to keep popping back and forth in the video just to make sure you get everything in order. With things written out concisely and logically, this isn't a problem.


So, for you haters that love video tutorials and don't see the utility of this topic, just go somewhere else. Nobody said you had to read this one and it's quite useful to those of us who either can't or don't want to use video tutorials.


Allannaa, is it possible on your introductory post to make internal links to tutorials posted in this topic? I don't know how extensive the BBCode implementation is on this board, but I know that on some boards it's possible to use BBCode to reference posts within topics.

My suggestion would be to make/use power point if someone feels the need for a 'video' type presentation.

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How to make Dragon Claw holders

Difficulty: Medium

It is assumed that the reader has basic knowledge of how the CK works.


- In the render window, navigate to the wall you want to place your claws on.


- In the Object Window, navigate to World Objects->Static. In the filter, type in "portgatebase0". Three entries appear. These will act as holes in the wall, where we will then place the Dragon Claws. Pick the one you like, then drag and drop it into the Render Window. Move and rotate it so that it matches the wall.


- In the Object Window, navigate to Items->MiscItem. In the filter, type in "claw". A total of 11 entries appear. 8 of these have "dun" as a prefix, followed by a cell name (example: dunDeadMensRubyDragonClaw). The remaining three entries are a bit cryptic. There are two versions of the Golden Claw, "E3GoldenClaw" and "MS13GoldenClaw". The latter is the "real" version. The remaining ID is FFI01Claw, which is the Sapphire Claw.


- Double-click the MS13GoldenClaw. At the bottom of the window you'll find a grayed-out area with the topic Model. Mark everything inside the box and hit Ctrl+C. Press Cancel.


- In the Object Window, navigate to World Objects->Static. Right click and select "New".


- In the ID field, type something like "GoldenClawStatic". Press the "Edit"-button next to the Model-field. A new window pops up. Press Edit. You will be prompted to select a model from you computer. Press Ctrl+V and hit OK. The Golden Claw should now be visible in the pop-up window. Hit OK. Hit OK.


- Drag and drop GoldenClawStatic into the Render Window. Place it inside your hole. Move and rotate until it looks nice. Double-click the claw and check the "Initially Disabled"-tickbox.


- In the Object Window, navigate to World Objects->Activators. Right click and select "New". In the ID-field, type "GoldenClawActivator". In the name field, type "Golden Claw Holder". Press OK.


- Double click GoldenClawActivator again. This time the Script section is not grayed out. Click the Add-button. A new window will pop up. At the very top in the list you'll see [new script]. Double click it.


- In the name field, type "DragonClawHolderScript". Hit OK. You will be taken back to the original window, with "DragonClawHolderScript" added to the list of scripts.


- Right click the "DragonClawHolderScript". Select "Edit source". Delete everything. Copy and Paste the following:

Scriptname DragonClawHolderScript extends ObjectReference  

MiscObject Property ClawToPlace  Auto  
{The claw we want to place}
Bool Property isPlaced = false Auto Hidden
Message Property FailMessage auto
{The message to show if the player dont have the claw in their inventory}

Event OnActivate(ObjectReference akActivator)
if(isPlaced == FALSE)  ; is the claw placed?
	if akActivator.getItemCount(ClawToPlace) >= 1 ; Does the player have the claw?
		isPlaced = TRUE
		self.getLinkedRef().enable() ; Enable the Static Claw
		(akActivator as actor).removeItem(ClawToPlace, 1) ; Remove the claw from the players inventory
		FailMessage.show() ; If the player doesnt have the claw, show the Fail message.
	isPlaced = FALSE  
	self.getLinkedRef().disable() ; If the claw was already placed, disable the static claw
	(akActivator as actor).addItem(ClawToPlace, 1) ; add the claw back.


- Press save. Close the script edit window.


- Right click DragonClawHolderScript and select "Edit Properties". Select ClawToPlace and hit the Edit Value button. Scroll down in the list until you find MS13GoldenClaw. Select the FailMessage and hit the Edit Value button. Scroll down until you find "defaultLackTheItemMSG". Hit OK.


- Make sure markers are turned on: In the toolbar, navigate to View. Halfway through the list you'll see "Markers". If it has a checked tickbox next to it, markers are on.


- In the Render Window, select the GoldenClawStatic. Highlight the main window. In the toolbar, find the "Create Trigger"-button. It looks like a box with a T on it. Click it.


- In the list, select GoldenClawActivator. Press ok.


- A red box should surround you Dragon Claw. Press 2 on your keyboard, as this will disable the Scaling widget. Double click the red box. Under the 3D data tab, make sure Rotation Z is NOT 0. Under the Primitives tab, hit the Player Activation-tick box. In the Linked Ref tab, right click int the white field and select "New". Press the "Select Reference in Render Window" button. Press "M" on your keyboard to hide markers. Double click the GoldenClawStatic. Press OK. Press OK.


- Repeat all these steps for each Dragon Claw. Note that you do not need to create a new script every time; simply select DragonClawHolderScript from the list, instead of clicking the [new script] option.


Congratulations, you now know how to create Dragon Claw holders!




oh my, so lucky that i've decided to check this thread..thank you Allannaa :thumbsup:


was looking for tutorial for how to displaying an item(s)/object(s) into some bust on wall...because i'm really bad with script..


to Sjogga


is it possible to use your method of Dragon Claw Holders tutorial or Scary Dragon Priest Mask Busts but instead of Dragon claw/Dragon Priest Mask, i'm using it with armor/clothing ( yes, i know that maybe you're going to say "than what is mannequins for ?).


it is because mannequin scare the hell outta me (they also buggy as hell) and i always wanted to display each part separately that look similar like this (the armor take place in the middle, the man just block the view, sorry cant get better picture to describe what i wanted to)..


thanks in advance

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