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Tutorials WITHOUT "youtoob"


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Sit and Sleep including how to tie either of these to a new item


I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this, but I assume how to make something "sitable", or "sleepable".

I assume the reader has basic knowledge of how the Creation Kit works.


How to turn anything into a chair:

Difficulty Level: Easy


In this tutorial, I'll show you how to turn an Azura Hexagon into a chair.

- Start by opening the cell you want to add this new, crystal chair to.


- In the Object Window, navigate to World Object->Furniture. Type in "CommonChair01" in the filter. There are several entries, with a suffix containing combinations of F (front), L (left), and R (right). These tells us which animation will play when a character enters the chair. No suffix means that all three animations are possible.


- Pick a chair, right click and hit Duplicate. Double-click it and rename its ID to "AzuraChairMarker". Change the name to "Crystal Chair". Before you close the window, check the "Is Marker" tick box. This makes the chair invisible in-game, but you can still use it. Press OK, and hit no when prompted to create a new form.


- Make sure markers are turned on: In the toolbar, navigate to View. Halfway through the list you'll see "Markers". If it has a checked tickbox next to it, markers are on.


- Back to the ObjectWindow; drag and drop AzuraChairMarker into the render window. Place it where you want your chair to be.


- In the Object Window, navigate to World Object->Static. Type in "Azura" in the filter. You are looking for "AzuraFloorHex02". Drag and drop it into the render window. Place it "inside" the chair, you want them to intersect each other.



Congratulations, you've now turned a non-chair object into a chair.

This can be done for any furniture, including crafting benches such as Forges and Enchanting Tables.

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I have no idea why a few people are treating you with such impoliteness! I think it is nice to have a list of non-video tutorials. Although I use videos at times, I find written instructions much easier to reference while I am in the process of working, and a list of available resources would be a nice thing to have. Right now I rely on the CK wiki, which is good but there are many areas it doesn't cover. I also imagine there are those who read English better than they can understand it spoken, and that such a resource could be useful in that situation. Obviously those who prefer videos simply need not trouble themselves with it.


As for your starter tut, your directions are hardly excessive, certainly not some needless magical ritual. This procedure is suggested all over the place, including in the CK wiki and by BestInSlot in his videos. It is good advice, and worth repeating. Those who chose not to follow it are of course free to do so (or do not so, as yoda might say). :rolleyes:


Thanks for taking the initiative to create a useful resource. I hope you will not let yourself become discouraged.



THIS. For example, I am deeply into tinkering with custom races at the moment and I have the PDF of Expired's tutorial on my desktop so I can open while I am working. A video would be useless when I want to copy and paste a chunk of script text.

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I also made a Thread called All Mod No Tell Tale http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/630391-all-mod-no-tell-tales/page__p__4961471__fromsearch__1#entry4961471 in witch im asking for specific Tutorials on how to Create a Mod, not just throw everything in my face and say There Learn, i want to get right into it and Youtube Tutorials arent always reliable.


If i ask for a Tutorial on How to make a Helmet Red, i want it told Step by Step with Pictures and What Programs to use.


You get People with Down Syndrome like me that arent so smart and wont understand what to do, you practically have to sit with me and show me what to do.

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How to make Dragon Claw holders
Difficulty: Medium
It is assumed that the reader has basic knowledge of how the CK works.

1. In the render window, navigate to the wall you want to place your claws on.

2. In the Object Window, navigate to World Objects->Static. In the filter, type in "portgatebase0". Three entries appear. These will act as holes in the wall, where we will then place the Dragon Claws. Pick the one you like, then drag and drop it into the Render Window. Move and rotate it so that it matches the wall.

3. In the Object Window, navigate to Items->MiscItem. In the filter, type in "claw". A total of 11 entries appear. 8 of these have "dun" as a prefix, followed by a cell name (example: dunDeadMensRubyDragonClaw). The remaining three entries are a bit cryptic. There are two versions of the Golden Claw, "E3GoldenClaw" and "MS13GoldenClaw". The latter is the "real" version. The remaining ID is FFI01Claw, which is the Sapphire Claw.

4. Double-click the MS13GoldenClaw. At the bottom of the window you'll find a grayed-out area with the topic Model. Mark everything inside the box and hit Ctrl+C. Press Cancel.

5. In the Object Window, navigate to World Objects->Static. Right click and select "New".

6. In the ID field, type something like "GoldenClawStatic". Press the "Edit"-button next to the Model-field. A new window pops up. Press Edit. You will be prompted to select a model from you computer. Press Ctrl+V and hit OK. The Golden Claw should now be visible in the pop-up window. Hit OK. Hit OK.

7. Drag and drop GoldenClawStatic into the Render Window. Place it inside your hole. Move and rotate until it looks nice. Double-click the claw and check the "Initially Disabled"-tickbox.

8. In the Object Window, navigate to World Objects->Activators. Right click and select "New". In the ID-field, type "GoldenClawActivator". In the name field, type "Golden Claw Holder". Press OK.

9. Double click GoldenClawActivator again. This time the Script section is not grayed out. Click the Add-button. A new window will pop up. At the very top in the list you'll see [new script]. Double click it.

10. In the name field, type "DragonClawHolderScript". Hit OK. You will be taken back to the original window, with "DragonClawHolderScript" added to the list of scripts.

11. Right click the "DragonClawHolderScript". Select "Edit source". Delete everything. Copy and Paste the following:

Scriptname DragonClawHolderScript extends ObjectReference

MiscObject Property ClawToPlace Auto
{The claw we want to place}
Bool Property isPlaced = false Auto Hidden
Message Property FailMessage auto
{The message to show if the player dont have the claw in their inventory}

Event OnActivate(ObjectReference akActivator)
if(isPlaced == FALSE) ; is the claw placed?
if akActivator.getItemCount(ClawToPlace) >= 1 ; Does the player have the claw?
isPlaced = TRUE
self.getLinkedRef().enable() ; Enable the Static Claw
(akActivator as actor).removeItem(ClawToPlace, 1) ; Remove the claw from the players inventory
FailMessage.show() ; If the player doesnt have the claw, show the Fail message.
isPlaced = FALSE
self.getLinkedRef().disable() ; If the claw was already placed, disable the static claw
(akActivator as actor).addItem(ClawToPlace, 1) ; add the claw back.

12. Press save. Close the script edit window.

13. Right click DragonClawHolderScript and select "Edit Properties". Select ClawToPlace and hit the Edit Value button. Scroll down in the list until you find MS13GoldenClaw. Select the FailMessage and hit the Edit Value button. Scroll down until you find "defaultLackTheItemMSG". Hit OK.

14. Make sure markers are turned on: In the toolbar, navigate to View. Halfway through the list you'll see "Markers". If it has a checked tickbox next to it, markers are on.

15. In the Render Window, select the GoldenClawStatic. Highlight the main window. In the toolbar, find the "Create Trigger"-button. It looks like a box with a T on it. Click it.

16. In the list, select GoldenClawActivator. Press ok.

17. A red box should surround you Dragon Claw. Press 2 on your keyboard, as this will disable the Scaling widget. Double click the red box. Under the 3D data tab, make sure Rotation Z is NOT 0. Under the Primitives tab, hit the Player Activation-tick box. In the Linked Ref tab, right click int the white field and select "New". Press the "Select Reference in Render Window" button. Press "M" on your keyboard to hide markers. Double click the GoldenClawStatic. Press OK. Press OK.

18. Repeat all these steps for each Dragon Claw. Just remember to select the correct claw when assigning script properties. Note that you do not need to create a new script every time; simply select DragonClawHolderScript from the list, instead of clicking the [new script] option.

Congratulations, you now know how to create Dragon Claw holders! Edited by Sjogga
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I'm sorry I haven't updated for a couple of days, but I will get back on it... Relatives... who needs 'em!


Here's a tute I found, by InsanitySorrow for turning OBJs into NIFs so that you can use them in Skyrim. It's very well-written and easy to follow. I'll add it to the top post when I'm not so sleepy!

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Just a small note to be included in tutorials that refer to making papyrus scripts.


There is a max name length of 38 characters not including the psc extension.


I found this out the hard way when I had a script that I knew would compile. Only difference was a mass form list reference change & a corresponding name change. It kept failing, my file's name was 39 characters long. In examining existing scripts from Bethesda 38 characters was the longest they had in place. Reducing the length of my file's name allowed it to compile without error.


A quick search did not reveal this information anywhere. To me this is important to know when creating and maintaining a naming scheme to be used across multiple files.

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Video Tutorials:

  2. Low resolution makes identifying things (especially text) almost impossible
  3. Rushed along as if the viewer already knows everything as well as the tutorial maker does
  4. Takes many things for granted that the viewer might not be aware of
  5. Cannot be easily accessed while you're actually working with the CK


Text Tutorials


  2. None of the above
  3. Text FTW!


That about sums it up, at least for me. I find video tutorials to be practically useless and only watch one if I absolutely cannot find a text-based tutorial. I loved college professors who didn't care if you attended lectures, as long as you could pass the tests. That's what textbooks are for. Give me the Written Word and I'm a happy puppy. Other people's mileage will differ, but that's my own personal take on it.


I've actually seen some very well done video tutorials, obviously well-planned and executed, but these seem to be few and far between. Most seem to be hastily done, the instructor isn't following a script that includes every necessary step, and just zips along at lightspeed without regard for the fact that people need time to digest actions before going on to another.


I'm amazed that a few people in this thread decided to make comments totally out of this topic's context, criticizing you for, apparently, even starting a non-video tutorial topic in the first place. If they're so hung-up on video tutorials, then let someone make a separate thread. Everyone to each his own. I'm not hearing-impaired. I am, however, visually impaired, and the almost universal low quality of the video in video tutorials makes it nearly impossible for me to follow what going on. At least I can blow text up to a size that is readable for me on my large, widescreen monitor. I can't do that with 400 x 600 videos, or whatever the standard is these days.


Some of us just don't like video tutorials. If it's a tutorial showing how to get somewhere in the game, that might be a different thing, but when you're trying to follow the instructor through a maze of menu selections things can get confusing in a hurry, and your only recourse is to keep popping back and forth in the video just to make sure you get everything in order. With things written out concisely and logically, this isn't a problem.


So, for you haters that love video tutorials and don't see the utility of this topic, just go somewhere else. Nobody said you had to read this one and it's quite useful to those of us who either can't or don't want to use video tutorials.


Allannaa, is it possible on your introductory post to make internal links to tutorials posted in this topic? I don't know how extensive the BBCode implementation is on this board, but I know that on some boards it's possible to use BBCode to reference posts within topics.

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