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ODST Battle Armor & Helmet MK117 -=Work In Progress=-


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Well since July 22nd been busy... to release my MK117 Prototype Combat Power Armor mod. Sat on the helmet for about a year or two...-.- Getting very very close to the release.


This is what the mod will Contain

1 Drop Pod "that's right a fracking drop pod!"

2. MK117 Prototype Combat Power Armor

A. Complete with visual Ka-Bar in case, Power Supply backpack, Ka-Bar, Silenced SMG, Pistol, Pistol in holster

B. Armor will talk to you while in combat, saying things like "Get Some", "Eat Lead", "Holy Sheep S$#* Batman!"

C. Will use Doctor Bags and Stims when needed Automatically

D. Yes it is lore friendly designed at MIT aka the Common Wealth before the bombs dropped, one of the pods packed full of goodies ended up in the deserts of Nevada a little late due to not receiving a signal to launch.

E. Yes It will probably end up in Fallout 3 as well

F. It will be a light armor since power armor is supposed to enhance your movement speeds, making you stronger faster, but it will have a carrying weight of 40 to 50

G. The armor will be all one set, like say the Chinese stealth suite or the radiation suites.

H. The Stats will be slightly better than those of the Advanced Riot Gear found in the Lonesome Road DLC.


3.When is it being Released? V1 will be a private release in the next 1-2 weeks, armor is rigged and ready to be dropped into the geck. Just waiting on me to finish my textures, and the two weapons. V2 will be released on the Nexus on Sept 1st. v3 TBA


4.Will there be a female ver of the armor? Umm no not at this time... I have other projects I want to release.


A few Screen shots, enjoy. If you want to see most of them got to go though the post.













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Keep in mind this is just the block out mesh, and a dummy texture of my reference material. Combination of block, patch, Curves, Nurbs, Polys, Subd's and a fast planar or cylindrical uv mapping


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will this even work with low end computers

Yes it will even work on low end computers, as long as I can try to keep in in the 50k range or just above or below on the tris will be fine. If it is an issue will do a lower res later on for lower end machines. I will just keep a copy of the base mesh to cut down time for that release if it comes to that.

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Only got to work on this for 5 minutes today. But those wanting an update here you go.



Once the armor is fully blocked out and some of the major detail modeled in, along with some base textures I will put up what accessories, weapons, fun extras I will be adding. So you will have to wait, keep checking this post=)

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