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  1. alternate start mod isnt working right please help ;-;

  2. As the architect of the entire script system that powers displays in LOTD I'd ask that you present some kind of proof before accusing the core mod of being a problem. I think you already know I'm not gonna be the one to supply that since I stopped following the mod the day you guys began giving out advice to clean scripts during updates. You know how I feel about such bad practices. Have your pick of any number of reddit posts though if you like. As far as I can tell you still seem to trust their judgment on modding matters.
  3. I'm sure there will be folks here who would consider this a hot take - but suppose for a moment that your problem isn't with the mods LOTD has displays for. Suppose the problem is LOTD itself. There's plenty of folks out there who have said it's not the most stable thing to have in your load order, and it gets worse thee more mods you pile in with it. Just a thought, but maybe exclude it while setting up a new load order and see how that goes?
  4. The Steam Forums in general are a troll pit that's little better than Reddit. Best to just stay away.
  5. Maybe they're leaving it as a honey pot?
  6. I am aware, but that treats non-Steam copies as second class citizens and I don't particularly like that. Plus other tools seem to have been able to take care of this (and even for EGS support too) without much trouble.
  7. It's a known issue with xEdit: https://github.com/TES5Edit/TES5Edit/issues/1058 The plugins.txt file exists, it just doesn't know where to find it because the program is written to assume it's always held by Steam.
  8. So long as what you're trying to install doesn't require a 3rd party SKSE extension (usually in the form of a DLL file) you should have no trouble installing anything for SE.
  9. Except it does, I'm using that exact combination and nothing is broken.
  10. Firefox and uBlock Origin here. The site is behaving normally as always. No issues with Javascript at all. Sounds like the issue is whatever level of paranoia the Brave devs have.
  11. Yes, but the controversial one about "misinformation" is not listed there now, nor was it ever emailed to the userbase for inclusion in an update to the policy. Which they are required to do at least 30 days in advance. Even in supposedly reputable press sources I've only been able to find vague references to then having "leaked" a possible change to the AUP that turned out to be something that wasn't supposed to be there. So at worst I'd say they're guilty of having people with too much access and too little control over their own words.
  12. I've been using them since they were still called X.com and were giving people $20 apiece to join. It made selling old hardware on eBay a whole lot easier. I even used them for business purposes for about 8 years. I had a total of 2 disputes over the last 20+ years, both resolved in my favor. I've switched banks many times over that time frame too and never had any issues with any of that information being in their hands either.
  13. For the purposes of Nexus (since this is a Nexus forum topic), there's a relatively simple solution here that doesn't require a mod author to enable PMs, open comments, or respond in any way. Use the "Additional permission instructions" section in the Permissions menu to include information saying you've given X permission to port your mod to XBox or PS. That's a publicly visible drop down on the mod's main page that will make it clear what's been granted, and that will also be archived by archive.org. So that should remain visible even if a mod's page is removed from the site later for some reason. Obviously the problem goes away for anyone here who also uploads their mods for consoles, like me. Generally speaking, so long as your mod doesn't require SKSE to operate, it will function identically on XBox.
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