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What is the #1 PC game?


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Seeing Steam is the largest PC gaming platform (at 62.6M users daily and 120M users monthly), and just broke it's own record around +28M more in user growth recently:




Google is you friend

I didn't expect Apex to already be #4 on Steam. To my knowledge, a huge percentage of its playerbase is still on Origin + Console combined.


And people were complaining the game was dying...

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If you mean the most played on PC, the boring answer is: Microsoft Solitare.


Don't replace actual thought with Google. There's a difference between the most active Steam title and the #1 game. Many avoid Steam altogether, or simply never use such things: there's 120m Steam accounts but that actually accounts for under 9% of PC gamers.


According to Microsoft in 2020 some 35m people played solitare at least once a month on Windows 10 and 8. But given that even in 2022 some 210m still use Windows 7 as their primary OS (and 1m still on XP, 0.6m on Vista), which all included Solitare as an integral offline program and thus not measured in MS stats, the real figure is likely to be over 50m.


Btw, not that many will be interested, but if you're asking what folks feel is the best all-time PC game, I'd say Medieval 2 Total War. My 2nd is Combat Mission Afrika Korps, and 3rd is Fallout 3.


Silent Hunter 3 and Fallout 4 are fighting over my 4th & 5th places. After that I'm sure everyone could list too many, but I will offer honourable mentions for Red Baron 3D and Rome Total War.

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The number one PC game is the

one you are currently playing...


( ...ehh... most people won't get it )

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Tetris of course.

What about Pac Man??


Ya you shut em up on that statistic ... Pac Man & Mrs Pac Man ... which was my favorite. So now ya gota bring it back into focus ... what game was that ? I'm bleary eyed with StarCraft & Baldurs . Then there is the "Delta Force" series :)

Great games imo , especially black hawk down ... for mddding

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