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Are video games addictive?


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Absolutely, video games can be incredibly engaging and even addictive for some players. It's all about finding that balance and ensuring that gaming doesn't interfere with other aspects of life. I totally get what you mean about managing and controlling it. I've had moments where I've been so immersed in a game, especially during intense CS:GO matches, that I lost track of time. But at the same time, gaming has also introduced me to new friends and provided a way to relax and destress. And speaking of CS:GO, I recently stumbled upon CS2 skins on one marketplace, which has added an extra layer of enjoyment to the game.

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They can be, yes. Game developers today make games addictive rather than fun. Initially, they thought a game had to be enjoyable to be addictive, but they've since discovered that's not the case. This has gradually taken over the industry over the past 20+ years, so now the market's pretty much made up only of addicting games that are unpleasant to play. If you want a genuinely enjoyable game, you need to look to games made in the 2d era (the transition to modern games started sometime in the 16-bit era, so not all old games are technically fun). Its one the multitude of reasons I don't buy games anymore.

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MMOs especially are addictive but at somepoint you realize that constantly being in empty lobbies, paired with randoms or desperately searching for some new clan... It ain't actually fun.

And that's like the main lure of some games, the community/social side. Once you find some place else to fill that human need, then all addiction disappears and you move on.

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