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One 2.4[9]


The Divinemors quickly, efficiently, recorded the two walls, of carved structures, and also did the same with each other and the hoblins.


It was during this time that they found the xyxo chamber with its slanted rock consoles and metallic square, and round, plates inset into the rock. There were viewing screens like polished metal mirrors that looked just like mirrors when first found. The Wizarmors studied the console, together, and then began to press plates as if working as one. The symbols on the plates would glow in different colors but in a pale fashion. The mirror screen started showing non reversed mirror like images of other chambers, cave areas and some exotic areas not so easily defined. There were no signs of activity, of people or even of animals or plants.


Shaun spoke to Vissha. "General observation, specific supervision and even more specific control of exotic types of mechanisms such as golems, golemites and hovermites. Elemental energies are still strong in the network-systems but there has been no maintenance of them in many many centuries. We are starting a diagnosis, self diagnosis, of the network-systems now along with the power balances."


There was a soft beeping noise. A stone panel opened in one wall to expose a cube shaped alcove and inside that a softly glowing translucent crystal sphere of golden coloration. Sasha went to it and took it to another stone console where there was a bowl shaped recess. She placed the sphere into that and at once the symbols, on the plates, began to glow brighter.


Sasha spoke to Vissha. "An emergency charge sphere that was never utilized. There are other storage alcoves, for such spheres, but no other spheres in this chamber. The FirstOnes used advanced technomagic much as the people of our home world do. This cave system is far more than it appears to be. This is actually a city but there may be a whole hidden subcity here, along with it."


Vissha did not seem at all surprised. "A secret inner city full of secrets. That would go along with what I know of both the FirstOnes and the Aldmer."


It was then that the voice spoke from the walls, sounding ancient and heavy as if reflecting the nature of the underground city itself. "Greetings, intruders, are your intentions hostile?"


Shaun responded. "No, we are attempting to fix up the city. We are seeking certain information to help our own people of our own home world of Terrarata and the supercontinent of Terrariel that is much like Tamriel in nature. We are the Fifteen Divinemors. We seek to enter Vestaquio."


The voice responded. "I am Myxcrodix-Prime, the Mentality of Myxcrodix and the Voice of Myxcrodix. Much of the city is infested with the living-dead and other unwanted creatures that often fight each other. Here is the deal; you help me get rid of them and I will show you a way to get deep into the Outer Ring of Vestaquio in a very quick and efficient manner."


Shaun and Sasha looked into each others eyes for some seconds and then looked around again. Sasha spoke. "Agreed but know that we will be wary of any trickery."


The voice responded. "Of course, as will I. Agreed!"

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