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One 2.5[10]


The Fifteen Divinemors worked on assisting the FirstOne city to be more fully activated. They went, in teams of three or two, to different consoles. They put into place emergency charge crystals of different kinds. The replaced damaged circuitry crystals. Water began to flow, again, with the filtrated plumbing network. Fountains sprang into life as did waterfalls and taps providing water for varied reasons. Crystal glowglobes lit up brighter. Then out of opening alcoves came hulking metallic golems and smaller, slender, more agile golemites; they were in general ranks of golden, silvery and copperish coloration but there were some special kinds of other color codes. There were many other network-systems to be activated but some would not be and many would take time.


Vissha said that the golems, and golemites, reminded her generally of the strange metallic humanoids as designed and built by the Dwemer, who had vanished from Tamriel centuries ago.


One of the forces intruding into the city were more of the living-dead being more vyles created in vyle-tanks, a tricky and advanced dark technomagic process known as vylenomagic. All vyle creatures were generally known as vyleno for there were other kinds of living-dead, not to be confused with the undead of necromancy and vampirism.


The Divinemors went to fight and left behind the hoblins, who put up a token protest but who really knew they were not up to fighting such creatures. The Divinemors left the hoblins with more supplies, as supplied by the Fifteenth Divinemor, and took with them red metallic golems, and golemites, of combat versions. Vissha went with them.


The fighting was hard as vyles came rushing at the defenders. Not just the awkward, low flying ugavyles, but also humanoid noidvyles with bizarre living-dead weapons and steel weapons of more basic kinds. There also charged hulking golvyles that went after the golems.


The golems spat exploding metallic bolts, that were regenerated inside them, while the golemites used strange guns that did the same. Golems, and golemites, struck out with brutal force at close quarter.


Divinemors hurled deadly destructive energy arrows, energy bolts, energy pulses along with energy balls except for the twins that hurled great jets of energies. Again the fourteen of them proved to be formidable in their power.


Vissha quietly noted trickles of blood that sometimes seeped from the noses, or mouths, of the Divinemors and she looked sad for a short time before nodding as if making a decision with herself.


The battle was won and the living-dead vyleno were all dead for they only retreated under unusual conditions or ordered to do so by a powerful entity linked to them.


Some of the living-dead had failed to burn away and the Wizarmors crouched beside a ugavyle and began to examine it carefully. Which was when the golems, and golemites, turned and began to attack the the Divinemors. Sasha pulled out a small metallic box and pressed the red button that was one of four neatly arranged buttons. At once all the golems, and golemites, froze so that some fell over to hit the floor, they having been in mid stride.


The voice spoke. "How dare you attack my devices?"


Shaun stood up and spoke with scorn. "You are not what you pretend to be; if you were really MyxcrodixPrime than you would not need so much of our assistance to get Myxcrodix reactivated. Who, what, are you really?"


The voice did not respond!

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One 3.1[11]


The eight Blades rode their horses slowly through the forest, drawing four pack-horses with them with panniers half full of spare equipment and supplies. They were tired, two were lightly injured but they had no choice to move onwards. They were so close to the Imperial City of Kvatch that, if there had been no trees in the way, they could have easily seen the it on top of its great, low, table top mountain.


Twice they had fought small enemy forces, once being traitor mercenaries serving the Thirteen Divines and once daedra being a group of scamps, scards and clannfears.


It was getting darker but they could see trails of smoke drifting up from the siege of Kvatch. The Thirteen Divines, the so called True Divines, had intervened to save the Emperor from being assassinated by the MythicDawn and the city from being destroyed by MehruneDagon's lesser daedra. Then their own forces had occupied Kvatch and they had taken the Emperor as hostage. The Eternal Champion had rescued the Emperor, with the assistance of the Nine Divines, but Kvatch was still resisting being retaken by the Empire.


An owl hooted quietly, almost as if it feared being heard by the wrong kind of ears.


What were the Blades doing there? They had brought some sealed up items from Cloud Ruler Temple to give over to Eternal Champion Jadekia. She was supposed to meet the Blades in that very dangerous forest area. Despite the large number of Imperial Legionaries, and Imperial Rangers, that patrolled the area, the enemy still had its own forces in the area. That is not just traitors and outlander mercenaries but their monsters also.


Then there were also the daedra who raided from smaller OblivionGates, who attacked both other forces fighting in the war; MehrunesDagon was enraged at his plans, to invade Tamriel, being thwarted by the Thirteen Divines but blamed all of the Divines or so stated captured dremora. That is the humanoid dremora, equipped with magical weapons and armor, who were elite daedra serving MehrunesDagon and who led the lesser daedra.


Baurus, who was young for the elite warriors of the Blades, slipped off his horse even as the others did. The terrain was getting more difficult to ride through and they needed to be careful of ambushes. His divine magical armor, and weapons, were ready to use as he his body was through his training that he had undertaken since early childhood. His secret Akavir inheritance, of the blood Dragonguard of Akavir, was no longer pure but was still strong in him.


Though the Thirteen Divines often used living-dead monsters that were badly effected by sunlight, they also used other forces that had no such weakness. Human barbarians from the east beyond Tamriel fought alongside savage goblins, treacherous local mercenaries and strange twisted creatures called bonekynes. Yet there most dangerous forces were transformed humans, the elitachurl, of disturbing abilities of mind, body and spirit.


Jadekia stepped out of the trees and stood there, majestic and in shining armor of golden silver. She smiled coldly and spoke. "Give me that which you have brought from Cloud Ruler Temple and do so now. I am in too much of a hurry to wait for your futile slowness."


Three arrows, and a fireball, hit 'her' almost at the same moment. The fake Jadekia shuddered and dropped dead onto the forest floor. With a shimmer she became visible as the elitachurl that she really was. On her face was an expression of relief for she had escaped the deep enslavement of the AntiDivines, the false Thirteen Divines.


The grimy, blood stained, armored figure of the real Jadekia stepped out from behind a tree clutching a powerful elemental magical broadsword and big round shield. "I wonder if the AntiDivines will ever learn about true subtle deception. The good news is that the poor enslaved creature failed but the bad news is that she knew I was to meet you here. My horse is close, along with some companions, so I suggest that we depart at once."

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One 3.2[12]


Jadekia led the eight Blades, and their horses, to where her horse stood along with four companions with their horses. They were the semiscantily clad RedSonja the Blade, Xena the Disk, Gabrielle the Staff and Xianda the Archer. Like Jadekia they were very attractive and both slimly muscular and slimly voluptuous looking. This was explained they being all DemiDivines, daughters of both Divines and blessed mortals.


Baurus had never met Jadekia's companions before, and her had he met only a couple of times, so he stood gaping in shock until another young Blade smacked him in the shoulder. Freckle faced Angalina frowned hard at him. "Must you stare so obviously at them?"


Baurus snapped his mouth closed and frowned at his female comrade.


Sharistina, the Bladeknight in charge of the eight, frowned at the DemiDivines. "You could wear more modest armor."


Jadekia smiled at Sharista. "We are what we are, Sharistina, and we will do what we do. Now, where are the items that you have brought from Cloud Ruler Temple, a journey that cost the life of one of your comrades."


Sharistina sighed, relented and smiled a little. "I will get them! I apologize but it has been a very tough year for the Blades. If we had not gained the new recruits, we would have been in great difficulty."


Jadekia nodded. "You can thank my companions, and myself, for that. We called in many big favors owed to us to bring warriors, from many realms, to be with the Blades."


Sharistina nodded yet again. "I will get the items from my horse." She turned and began to walk towards her steed with a firm purpose to her stride.


The Eternal Champion sighed more deeply. "Will the AntiDivines ever learn? What did you do with the real Sharistina, doppelganger?"


The living-dead creature, one of the few of the kinds of living-dead that could tolerate sunshine but only while in false guise, turned abruptly and scowled. "How did you know? I am renowned for my disguises."


Jadekia snorted softly. "Because the real Sharistina knew that she carried false copies of the items while Baurus carried the real things though he did not know it."


Baurus looked puzzled. "All I had, except my own stuff, was a big old leather bag of items but I buried them back in the Sangrina Caverns to save room in my panniers. I filled the empty space with mushrooms, fishlizard meat and some edible mosses. We had them to eat..."


He stopped speaking and looked at the others who were all staring at him in astonishment.


The doppelganger laughed softly, with sharp bemusement. "The ambush would have been for no purpose, thanks to the foolishness of your young warrior. That is most amusing. My people will never get our commission now. We will make a good deal. The real Sharistina is near. You let me go and you get her back. Then you can go and hunt for your precious items, what ever they are, in the confusing maze that are the Sangrina Caverns. They are far too close to Vestaquio, and Myxcrodix, for my liking."

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One 3.3[13]

The exchange was made as the real Sharistina was passed over by the doppelgangers, who then vanished away into the forest as they clearly wanted to get away from what was a very hostile area. Sharistina was given healing assistance in various ways and was soon able to ride a horse, if not able to fight.

The group, now expanded by five DemiDivines and their horses, traveled towards Kvatch for a while and picked up the small of burning buildings, and flesh, on the air currents. It was dark enough for the living-dead to be called out by the AntiDivines and so out they came as the dreaded vyles.

They had to dismount at times, to lead their horses along, but at others they rode slowly through the forest. Then they reached a 'dirt highway', not to be confused with the paved Imperial Highways. Soon they were going at a faster pace, moving now away from the city.


For a short time they saw the battle raging as Legionaries hurled dozens of burning catapult projectiles and magical projectiles at the Kvatch Outer Walls. Clouds of arrows, often magically assisted, flew both ways through the air. Flying creatures were glimpsed in the sky, fighting each other. Mages Guild battlemages, and mages, were summoning elemental and other magical creatures of many kinds. The Mages Guild focused on arcane magic, as did the Arcane University in the Grand Imperial City of Imperiarna. The conflict was a strange sight.


Then they were deeper into the forest again, still following the dirt highway as used most often by Common Cyrodilins and not Imperial Cyrodilins. They passed damaged, or destroyed, buildings of a village and its inne that was closer to the road. They came across the wreckage of old battles being destroyed Legionary troop-wagons from which useful items had been looted.


The Eternal Champion abruptly had them speeding up and then leaving the dirt highway to follow a smaller, winding dirt road that plunged deeper into the forest. She warned the others that they were being tracked by powerful, deadly and exotic enemies. She did odd magics, at time, to make it harder for the group to be tracked by either magical or mundane means.


They entered a large cave mouth and were soon threading through cave tunnels evened out by tools and shawn up by metal reinforced wooden beams. Indications it was a criminal hide out or at least it had been. Even the toughest of organized crime had no reason to be in the area and would not have dared to be there anyway.


They began to weave through a maze of cave tunnels and chambers in a further attempt to make it harder for them to be tracked.

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One 3.4[14]


The group came upon a large glowcrystal cavern settlement of countryside refugees, Kvatch escapees and a platoon of Legionaries helping to protect them. The Legionaries were general conscripts, neither special or elite, but they had become hardened veterans. They, along with volunteer Militiaguards, patrolled and killed any enemy scouts that they ran into while trying hard to avoid larger enemy forces.


Surprisingly enough there were a few former mercenary soldiers, who had served the AntiDivines (Thirteen Divines). They had fled because of the brutality of the discipline for general soldiers, the corruption of the officers and the poor pay, rations and other conditions. The officers were given resources, including Imperial Coinage, to pass onto the NCOs (non commissioned officers) and privates but at half vanished before they got to where they were supposed to be going to. Yet that was not the only reason for going AWOL (absent with out leave).


Kvatch had become a city of disturbing nature where common folk had a bad habit of vanishing with out good explanation, where law was a joke, where there were bizarre rituals held in hulking fortified temples of disturbing nature and where the PaleOnes (mortal followers of the AntiDivines) behaved in a fashion that made a mockery of Imperial customs. Amongst those who had vanished were traitor mercenaries.


The Blades, and the DemiDivines, sat resting to one side of the settlement proper that used the crude carved out shelters made by stone-goblins for goblins. Garish cave paintings, faded because they had not been maintained, showed that the local caves had once been the tribal nest of a large and powerful tribe (by goblin standards). The lack of skeletal remains, or magical battle signs, indicated they must have fled from an area that had been getting increasing hazardous to live in.


Xena, who was from another world (along with Gabrielle who came from the same one), spoke with a tone of bemused puzzlement to her voice. "If the AntiDivines first came to Nirn, but not to Tamriel, how did a large force end up here in a way to thwart MehruneDagon's daedra from destroying Kvatch and killing Martin Septum?"


"Very good question and I wish I had a very good answer to it." Jadekia responded. "There has been speculation that they came through OblivionGates, as opened up by MehrunesDagon with much difficulty; they would have had to infiltrate the Deadlands (MehruneDagon's Oblivion Realm) and then fight their way through at least one big OblivionGate. That would explain how they took the daedric forces, in Tamriel, by surprise for the daedra would hardly have expected to be attacked from their homeland, from behind. That would be why the invading daedra got caught between the vyles and the Imperial Forces defending Kvatch, being slaughtered slaughtered in the process."


Gabrielle shook her head in wonderment. "One very cunning enemy got tricked by an even more cunning enemy."


"Yes!" Jadekia nodded. "MehruneDagon is angry about what happened, and frightened though he would never admit it. The problem is that so are most of the other Dadric Princes. I met with Azura herself, who informed me the truth of matters about MehrunesDagon and others of her ilk. There is speculation of there being treachery with some of the Daedric Gods."


Baurus came to them, looking embarrassed for more than one reason though he tried to hide it. "One of the former traitor mercenaries has informed me that there is a secret series of tunnels, more recently created by elite entities serving the Thirteen Divines, leading almost straight to the Sangrina Caverns. He has no idea why they were built but they go from beneath Kvatch and took much hard labour and much magical energy to create. It is said that many enslaved workers died in helping to build it in such a hurry and that their remains can found beneath the thick, heavy, floor of the tunnel. He is willing to lead us to the tunnels in order to prove to locals that he is trustworthy enough to be fully accepted by them."

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One 3.5[15]


Jadekia spoke with the former traitor mercenary before the group set out again. Before they left the community, the DemiDivines summoned a spiritual merchant that gave over supplies and equipment such as backpacks, tents, blankets, healing potions and food rations to the people there. It was enough to help greatly but the potions and food rations had to be rationed carefully. They also gave over some basic elemental magical weapons to the Militiaguards, the Legionaries already having their own standard military elemental magical weapons.


They had to travel through a series of tunnels of fairly difficult terrain, leading the horses as they went. They then found the great tunnel after passing through a cavern chamber half buried in stuff taken out of the tunneled ground. Amongst the stone were many remains of dead slave workers. From the clothes, and other items, left behind they soon realized that the remains were of men, and women, from Kvatch. Yet the skeletal remains showed that they had undergone some kind of terrible transformation.


Feeling sickened, they continued onward until they reached the tunnel. There the traitor mercenary, looking pale and sickened, confessed that he had been paid to lead the group into a trap.


Jadekia smiled at him as they stood facing each other. "I 'sensed' you were lying but why?"


"They have my family hostage or they did." The man shook his head. "I do not know how but somehow I know that they have been killed by the PaleOnes, who took them as hostages in the first place. There is one tunnel for a while but then it divides into three of them, the central one remaining the same while two smaller ones divert away from it. I was told to keep the group moving along the central way. What other way you choose is up to you."


Jadekia smiled some more and then, taking her broadsword, cut off the head of the traitor mercenary in one clean swipe. As the fake man fell he came to look like the strange humanoid of a doppelganger that it really was. The dead living-dead creature was dressed and geared up as a traitor mercenary.


Jadekia spoke out. "Bring Sharistina to me."


The Bladeknight came forth and scowled at the Eternal Champion, shimmered and became yet another doppelganger. "You have no idea just how powerful, brilliant and cunning the Thirteen Divines are."


Jadekia sighed. "Unfortunately that is not true for I have met, and fought, their kind before." Then she cut off the head of the doppelganger just as she had done the other. "We will not use the tunnel for it is most probably fake, a short piece of tunnel, and designed to trap us. Even if it is real it is most likely heavily patrolled and otherwise guarded."

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One 4.1[16]


The Divinemors continued to work with the devices, the network-systems, of Myxcrodix until it was able to start repairing and adjusting itself to changed conditions. The real MyxcrodixPrime spoke out with some difficulty at first and gave information that assisted the Fifteen Divinemors in their tasks.


They learned that the one of the Aedra, unknown of identity, had created the FirstOnes as a way of trying to work out what kind of intelligent life might arise on-in Tamriel. Then the FirstOnes had carried on the researches under that one's supervision. When the Aedra ceased to communicate with them, when they 'sensed' it was gone, the FirstOnes fell into confusion ending in a bitter civil war. That ended peacefully but the FirstOnes decided to go into deep status, suspended animation in special cells, until the Aedra would return to supervise them once again. It had not happened.


The Fifteenth Divinemor dared to link with the real MyxcrodixPrime, taking special precautions, and so began a long, quite alien dialogue between the two that was beyond the understanding of the other Divinemors.


Vissha examined samples of the medicants that the fourteen damphires had been given to 'keep themselves in good health'. From the first she began to suspect that the story was far from true, that the addictive substances were not so much healing as hurting the damphires. They had been betrayed but the Fifteenth Divinemor was not part of that deception.


After setting up her own alchemy laboratory she did a wide variety of tests on the false medicants, using her experience, skills and special abilities as a long lived DemiDivine. Soon she came to the conclusion that the substances were designed to boost the physical, and mental, abilities of the damphires as the cost of greatly shortening their lifespans.


The Fourteen Divinemors gathered together in a big silvery chamber 'inside' the Fifteenth Divinemor. There they transformed to being silvery and wearing silvery gear. Their jumpsuits were quite tight fitting and only semimodest in nature. Each now also wore a silvery longsword, in a scabbard, and a three barreled gun over their shoulders in such a way they could draw the gun over and get it working quickly.


Rangemor Jarisha spoke first. "Have we been betrayed, turned into suicide weapons, or did we knowingly agree to this from the start? Our memories are gone, erased or perhaps only suppressed." He looked concerned, angry, as almost all of the others did.


Only the Wizarmors remained calm, at least outwardly so.


Palimor Tony spoke out. "If there is one major falsehood, could there not be others? Are we really what we think we are? Would the Fifteenth Divinemor know the truth?"


The Fifteenth Divinemor spoke from many directions at once. "I have to undermine a series of very well designed programs inserted into my core network-systems; they keep me from gaining access to a great amount of data and to carrying out a wide range of actions; that is I can not access the truth or gain it by analyzing your biologies. I began undermining the programs as soon as we appeared in Tamriel."


Then it changed subjects. "My deep communications with MyxcrodixPrime continues through multiple channels, and subchannels, leading to many mutual discoveries. This includes the existence of an ancient Waygate as created by the Aedra that created the FirstOnes and then supervised them. Waygateways can be opened to active Waygates elsewhere and one is hidden inside the city Ayleid Necromer city of Vestaquio. That is fairly deep into the Outer Ring of Vestaquio."


Wizarmor Sasha spoke out. "What of contact with those that sent us here?"


Fifteenth Divinemor: "Communications has been sealed off either from their side or by another source. I have made no attempt to restart those communications and will not until I gain greater access to sealed off databanks."


The damphires quietly agreed with the decision!

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One 5.1[17]

It was not known by most folks of Tamriel, or of others, that PrimusFirst Sabatee was one of the most powerful, wealthy and influential ones serving the Thirteen Divines (AntiDivines). Yet he was not of the PaleOnes, despising them for their corruption, immortality and inefficiency.

Above, in the blue sky, an enemy magical missile flew through the air but exploded harmlessly against the magical force dome now covering the besieged city.

The PrimusFirst marched along with six elite bodyguards, two being battlemages, along with an armed consultant and a less modestly garbed woman companion who wore stylish leather armor. All wore magical leather armor with steel enforcing. PrimusFirst, himself, was a wizard of many magics, an elite warrior, a fine diplomat and had other skills.

As he made his way to the Grand Leadership Hall, of the city of Kvatch, he noted the slow decay of the once proud metropolis. Rubbish was heaped up in corners along with an occasional dead body, human or otherwise. Citizens, mostly humans, scurried along in fear and went mostly in groups because of the growing trouble with urban bandits.

PaleOnes came on foot, all gaudy and immodest if men or more so if women. With them went well armed, and armored, bodyguards equipped with many powerful magical items. The monies that should have gone to creating some kind of law enforcement body had gone to creating the bodyguard forces. The PaleOnes flaunted their flesh, taunted and even threatened citizens but they were wary with Sabatee.

The elitachurl were different as the humans came walking or dancing or running or zigzagging along. Sometimes the twisted humans would sparkle with exotic energies but mostly such was not visible; yet it was there. The elitachurl were often naked, or seminaked, but never attractive even if they had once been. There was just something too disturbing, too inhumanly twisted, about them. Citizens would stop moving and huddle down, staying as silent as possible, while even the PaleOnes grew wary, halting behind the protection of their own magic and the bodyguards.

Things were due to change and abruptly, violently, so. The AntiDivines, busy elsewhere fighting the Nine Divines on some other plain of existence, had learned about the activities of the PaleOnes, who were linked with them in some hard to define way, and had become enraged. The 9of9, herself, was coming to Kvatch. That she would do so, leaving behind the powerful battle with the Nine Divines, was a testament to both how important Kvatch was to the AntiDivines and how angry they were.

Yet most of the foolish PaleOnes did not know what was coming and they ignored those that did.

Or was the real story so simple?

The PaleOnes, waiting to meet with Sabatee in a small battle damaged house, were of the minority who had fought against the corruption, stupidity and excessive debauchery of the other PaleOnes. They were dressed in a generally immodest fashion, that other PaleOnes claimed was prudish, and the four of them had eight bodyguards.

Yavina, one of the three women, showed much cleavage and midriff but this was modest by the standards of the PaleOnes. She was beautiful and made more so by being linked to the AntiDivines. Yet there was a price for her looks, her extended life span and her exotic magical abilities and that was the need to be part of the terrible, secret, 'feeding ceremonies'. All PaleOnes paid the same price along with some others of more minor nature.


Yavina spoke. "Come with us. We have made a very important discovery concealed beneath the city proper. Perhaps it was the real reason that MehrunesDagon sent so many daedra to invade this city."


Sabatee nodded. "Take us there but I warn you this better not be some kind of trap."

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One 5.1[18]


Sabatee was both of the same people, as the AntiDivines, and entrapped by them into serving them. When they had left behind the world of silver castles, inside great domes, they had also left behind much death, destruction and disruption. Sabatee, a sibling of the most powerful of the Thirteen Divines he had done so under duress. His wife, and three children, were being held hostages by his brother, the 1of1 of the AntiDivines.


Then he discovered, from the 3of3 who hated the 1of1, that his wife was not so much an unwilling hostage as a willing adulteress. Of his children two were loyal, the twins, and one was disloyal being his oldest child, a son. After the Thirteen Divines invaded, and brutally conquered, the Uiotoko Islands, Sabatee had killed his oldest child. Why? Because the young man had carried out some incredibly evil atrocities against Uiotoko Islanders and Sabatee had a chance to get away with the murder. He had done it to stop there being any more victims of Danatee Senashell.


If the Thirteen Divines knew of his murder, of his son, they did not seem to care about it.


The rebel PaleOnes led him through typical Imperial utility tunnels, being designed and built by the Imperial Ayleid. Unlike the later Ayleid Kingdom of Kingdoms, the Imperial Ayleid used some kind of created workers to do their basic labor. The nature of the workers, along with much else about the Ayleid Empire, remained a mystery.


They made their way through a surprisingly well organized community of citizens trying to get away from danger and Sabatee gave out copper coins while the PaleOnes gave out gifts of food, medicines and water cleansing powders. The people were getting better coordinated in the Kvatch Undercity and the urban bandits no longer dared to go into many areas. Other areas they did not dare go into, anyway, but very few did.


Then they were going through a series of tunnels, and magical doors of heavy metal, that the AntiDivines had created there with combined magical powers. Getting through them was easy in that the group leaders knew the codes to speak to the doors but dangerous that if the AntiDivines found out, the intruders would suffer terribly.


The feeding chamber was a great arena of peculiar nature. The PaleOne adults would sit inside odd blood-metallic, and blood-crystal, frames while their victims would be lain, semiconscious, on a very big blood-metallic disk centered by a disk of blood-crystal. The naked victims would then be drained of life energies, causing mildly painful death because of the heavy drugs they were given to make the process smoother and quicker. It was the PaleOnes who suffered much pain, a deep irony if there ever was one and an irony that the PaleOnes hated.


Sabatee frowned hard. "I have been to feeding ceremony chambers before, though not this one. I hope there is some point to this."


Yavina drew out a small metallic technomagical device from a pouch, obviously jury-rigged from what ever parts could be found, and pressed a yellow button. At once the arena began to change and proved itself to be of a deceptive nature. The PaleOne cage-chairs vanished underground in a clever manner and thirteen bigger ones arose to replace them. One each was the individual symbols of the Thirteen Divines. The big blood-metallic disk sunk in the middle to become a shallow bowl and a round cage rose around its edges.


Yavina spoke with anger showing in her voice. "We had wondered, for a long time, why we PaleOnes have fed on citizens when there does not seem to be a good reason for it. We PaleOnes 'sensed' the truth, many of us having nightmares of dying in this place, where the AntiDivines would feed upon the accumulated life energies of we PaleOnes. That might explain why most PaleOnes act the way the they do."

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