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One 15.1[44]


The disturbing alarms had continued to go off at random moments even as the DemiDivines, Divinemors and other entities continued to explore while penetrating deeper into Myxcrodix. They came upon more exotic machines, such as globe-machines that assisted in the creation of firstlings. Firstlings were now serving MyxcrodixPrime in many ways but some were always with the three exploration groups. Each group was always led by one Hero DemiDivine.


They found other chambers with niziwindows and far less with actual nizidoors. Many were blank, leading to deactivated, or semiactive, NiziPaintings. A few NiziPaintings were smaller realms designed for residential, industry, spiritual or other common activities. All niziwindows, and nizidoors, that they found were heavily locked and sealed.


Three times they came upon other niziwindows showing the desert world with the broken cities and the great monstrous creature that could have been the Celestial Serpent or the Celestial Viper. While looking through the second niziwindow one group, as led by Xandia, observed an aspect of the monster being struck by a nuclear weapon of some kind. The terrible mushroom cloud rose and when it was gone it showed a disintegrated monster. Yet the monster continued on for it generated new aspects of itself. Had the inhabitants of the world helped to destroy it by using weapons of mass destruction against the great enemy? Who, what, had used the very powerful nuclear weapon and were there more where that had come from?


They were now using hovering multiple purpose sleds that flew just above the floor, often controlled only by MyxcrodixPrime as they carried no people but other things including goler. Golorses were quadruped goler that could be ridden or carried big panniers of stuff. Often golemites rode golorses as humans would ride horses.


Skirmishes were short and brutal as the groups encountered, and fought, the floating monsters and others on double jointed tentacle like legs. They came in smaller two legged, medium sized four legged and bigger six or eight legged kinds. All were totally aggressive and attacked until they were destroyed, never retreating or surrendering.


Then came a much bigger chamber, shallow dome of ceiling and shallow bowl of floor, with a great 3Dgridwork of metallic beams, buttresses, columns, rampways, walkways, platforms, semi-enclosed structures, enclosed structures, statue-columns, channels full of flowing clear water, fountains spouting jets of water and platform-pools along with much else. It soon turned out that this was a place for FirstOnes and Aldmer to mingle but also others of more mysterious identity.


It was here that some important, but vital, clues were to be found about what really had happened in the distant past.



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