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Newbie (technically)


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heres a quick story


i made my account back in 2011 (when i was myself 11) but solely just downloaded mods and did nothing else for just over 12 years. i didnt even have a profile picture or know there was a forum/how to navigate the web back then i dont even remember what business i possibly had on this site. i used the site irregularly to download stuff like skyrim mods and what have you in the years to follow, but did not participate further.


then i started modding blade & sorcery semi recently, and began to participate in the bug reports side of things. after my second or third bug report post/reply post,it finally dawned on me that i had no PFP, so i was like 'hmm im gonna get a profile picture' and thats when i saw "Member Since 28 May 2011" and was like 'WHAT??" i found out just how long i had been using Nexus Mods without even knowing it. 12 years is a long time to do absolutely nothing on the site, so i went ahead and set up my account/profile details and drafted this quick post. kinda mind boggling to me - 12 years between me joining and my first forum post...


thats 6,419,520 minutes, or 106,992 hours, or 4458 days, or 146 months without posting!



so i figured id share that. maybe you'll find it interesting. maybe it'll make you feel old. i wonder how often situations the one i described above occur

it must be a bit of a trip for the older people around here to think that, back in september 2011, most of the other mod-users my age weren't even really cognizant... and now, here some of us are, adults, still modding.

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After seeing your post I checked mine, I've been here 17 years, time flies.


haha Jimbo i was actually looking at your profile earlier trying to figure out what to fill the blank spots in mine with


yeah the time really has a way of running off

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I welcome you, as you begin to communicate on the forum I am drifting back to being a wild outdoors type.


I downloaded many mods for Bethesda games starting with Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Skyrim SE, Fallout 3, New Vegas to Fallout 4. I have been trying to pay it forward ever since.


First by making a mod to share at Seyda Neen for Morrrowind, then a rest stop for Fallout 3. Finally made a few dollars, but Kudos were all we could share.


Now the children who are modding aren't the ones I was trying to share those golden $$$ signs with.


I set back and put the modder's names on folders, to remind me of whom the modders were I got them from. I put their names on the folders so I could one day thank them with $$$ if I got rich. I thought I might, because I was saving money by staying home and playing video games on week ends.


If I see all those folders with their names on the folders their mods are in I saved in a humongous drive; I know I will get misty eyed. The folders sit gathering electronic airs. (I wonder if there is dust in Cyber Space?)



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Welcome! raavikant


Welcome to the forums at nexusmods.


I have been posting here for years. I, was much like you. I didn't get familiar with posting in threads like Newbies the first time around.


Click on Newbies again. When the page opens; Look to the top right where it says, "Start New Post". Relax and left click on "Start New Post". Enter your topic, then enter your first post for all of us to read.


Post about yourself and what game/s you like in your new post. That's your new Thread for others to post to, to chat with you.


Start a new thread anywhere you like than, you will really be in the swing. That will help others help you. Some times you will have to pry our attention away from playing a game or taking a nap dreaming we're still playing but fell asleep while we were. :wub:


More people will view your new post. Some of us will come out of our nap dreaming we're playing a video game and even reply to your new post too, to start getting acquainted.



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Here since 2008 and two stints as a moderator. lol


I just turned 52 so when I came here I was 37 and my daughter was 10...


Man now I feel old :laugh:

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